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GENE'S BLOG: Greasy Goals

In his latest blog, Gene Principe talks about the Oilers penchant for getting ugly goals and how it complements the highlight-reel markers

by Gene Principe / Special to

The twitter headline by @EdmontonOilers was short and sweet and spot on. The words "it doesn't get much prettier" we're used to describe the 2 on 1 overtime winning goal by Leon Draisaitl on Thursday night versus New Jersey. The feed from Connor McDavid on his last night of being a teenager was a thing of beauty. It left Devils defenceman Jon Merrill slamming his stick on the ice as he was tasked with the duty of trying to stop the League's assist leader and his right-hand or right-wing man from ending the game. It truly was a textbook 'two-on-one' emphatically finished off by Draisaitl.

While 'it doesn't get much prettier' for game winning goals it doesn't get much uglier for game tying goals.

Video: NJD@EDM: Maroon jams home tough goal in front

I actually mean that in a good way. How could you not be impressed with Patrick Maroon's marker with 7:24 left in regulation? It looked like it wasn't going to happen. The Devils were clamping down on the Western Conference's highest scoring team and they were sucking the life out of a potential comeback until Edmonton got a 'greasy goal'. Standing all alone out front of Cory Schneider stood one Oiler and four Devils. Yet Maroon just kept on pushing, prodding, swiping, sticking, battling until he eventually would score his 17th goal of the season. If Connor and Leon were the definition of a perfect two-on-one, this would certainly fall under the category of the definition of greasy goal.

What exactly is a greasy goal? Well let's see how we can best describe it. The characteristics of it would fall under an extreme amount of perseverance. It often goes off the end of a stick, skate or body part of a player. Sometimes the goal scorer doesn't even know he's scored because of the pile up of bodies around the net. Bravery is a necessity with the eventual marksman often taking more shots from the opposing team than he has a chance to take at the opposing goal. It's a mix of mind and body and throw in spirit to compete until the ultimate goal of scoring a goal is achieved.

After a second straight OT win versus New Jersey, here's what coach Todd McLellan had to say about those goals that aren't exactly highlight reel material. 

"You can do a better job of attacking their net and getting a, for lack of a better term, a greasy goal like Patty Maroon did".

Speaking of Patty Maroon and greasy a comment from Edmonton's top goal scorer.  

"We had to come at them in the third and we did that. We kept coming at them, kept coming at them and finally got the greasy one."

That was followed up by a beautiful one. However, when it comes to scoring beauty is in the eye of the beholder or the goal scorer.

Edmonton is proving that to be successful you have to be able to produce goals in many ways to win. A prime example of that was on display in equaling and surpassing New Jersey in a victory. The goal that gave them the win was spectacular. The goal that gave them a tie was simply necessary.

With the talent assembled on Edmonton, the Oilers will always score goals that make you go 'Wow'. What they have added are the not-as-memorable ones that fall under the category of 'Greasy Goals'.

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