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BLOG: Youth and inexperience as an advantage

'Young players don't have a lot of fear,' said Oilers Head Coach Todd McLellan

by Paul Gazzola /

Cue the playoff experience storylines because they appear perennially.

In the Oilers Dressing Room, there's less of a concern for it.

"We don't have it, so it doesn't matter," Oilers Head coach Todd McLellan said Tuesday.

"If you think I'm walking in the locker room and saying, 'Hey guys, the experience factor…' and all that type of stuff… It doesn't come up in our locker room. The only way you get it is you play."

What the Oilers do have, though, is a bevy of young and fast talent, which they will use to their advantage come Wednesday for Game 1.

"I don't think there's a lot of fear in young players," McLellan said. "Takes us back to the World Cup (of Hockey 2016), standing there at that podium and standing in the middle of the locker room with a bunch of under-24 players. If you look at the team, the really dominant guys were perhaps under 20.

"Young players don't have a lot of fear - it doesn't matter what team you're on, or what situation - they come and play. I think that's just the way the game is going, the way they've been brought up. We'll expect that from our young players."

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