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BLOG: Oilers discussing future trade landscape

by Chris Wescott / Edmonton Oilers

The meat and bones of deadline discussions are still going on, and the Oilers may not be done yet after trading Anders Nilsson, Justin Schultz and Teddy Purcell away for three draft picks and a prospect on Saturday.

“We have a big whiteboard and I had a bunch of things (on it) in the morning,” said Oilers President of Hockey Operations and General Manager Peter Chiarelli. “I wiped off four or five of them. Not saying I got four or five other things done, but there’s still a bunch of things up there.”

Some of those things, however, may not be slated for completion ahead of Monday’s deadline. Chiarelli’s thoughts on bigger moves are the same as they were the last time he spoke with the media. Those are more likely to get done later in the off-season, as opposed to right now within this two-day window.

“We’ve got two days. I guess an advantage of completing a day like today is you have two days to dig down on some of the other stuff that may not be stuff that gets done at the deadline but you get a little better sense of where the teams are going for the summer. We’ll certainly be pecking away at that stuff and we have some other things that we’re looking at. If we get them done, great.”

Discussions about bigger moves do take place now, but it’s more so to set the dominos up to fall in the summer and around the draft.

“One of these things that goes on at these deadlines and the time leading up to the deadline is there are a lot of discussions that take place, not necessarily for the deadline. It’s for the summer or the fall, but you really have to exchange ideas, exchange thoughts of where your team is going, talk certain scenarios and I feel we’ve accomplished quite a lot of that. That stuff, you just don’t hear about that stuff,” said Chiarelli.

The Oilers acquired two third-round picks and a fifth-round selection in the 2016 NHL Draft, as well as goalie prospect Niklas Lundstrom, in exchange for the three aforementioned players.
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