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BLOG: New town, new team but same go-getter attitude for Cam Talbot

by Meg Tilley / Edmonton Oilers

According to Cam Talbot, as a player in the NHL, you have to have an attitude where you just want to push yourself to be better and better, day in and day out.

It sounds like a promising attribute for the newly acquired goalie, whose time with the Edmonton Oilers is just beginning.

“Different jersey, different guys but same feel, same energy I think,” he said. “Just real excited to get in here and get to know a lot more of the guys and good to see kind of what the teams going to look like in the future."

This is not his first rodeo.

Suiting up in an Oilers jersey and dawning his newly painted goalie mask to match, Talbot looked forward to gearing up for training camp.

“You’re always fighting for something in this league and you’re always trying to push yourself to be better and I think that’s one of the characteristics you have to have in order to make it in this league.”

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