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BLOG: MacTavish talks about the coaching staff

by Marc Ciampa / Edmonton Oilers

As he has done throughout the season, even in trying times, Oilers GM Craig MacTavish emphatically got behind his head coach on Tuesday.

"I’m more confident in my decision to hire Dallas Eakins than the day I hired him. I’m more convinced that this is the right coach to lead us into much more successful times. Time will prove, in my mind, that this coach was a very good hire for our organization. I really feel like he’s the guy to add the culture element that are necessary to build the quality team that we’re trying to build."

MacTavish felt that Eakins handled what was a season with a lot of adversity extremely well.

"The thing I like about Dallas is he’s relentless. In spite of the ups and downs, the messaging has all stayed the same," he said. "It’s quite clear to me in watching the development of our group over the last 30 games or so that the players are buying into the leadership of the head coach."

The GM was also asked about the assistant coaches, which he noted are the hires of Eakins and that it is the bench boss's call on whether they come back next season.

"I will sit down with Dallas at the end of the year, after a week or so, to let emotions subside for a bit. My sense is that we have the right people. We have the right coaches in place and it’s my responsibility to support those coaches in any way I can."

MacTavish did say that he felt the assistant coaches have a lot to offer.

"The head coach should decide what his staff is. It’s important that he has the absolute right mixes of coaches for him. We explored other coaches, we brought in Keith Acton as an associate coach last year," he began.

"Kelly Buchberger has a lot of great traits in my mind and he adds to this hockey club. But ultimately, it’s the head coach's decision," MacTavish also praised Steve Smith, adding "I really feel like this staff started to function well together at the end of the year."

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