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BLOG: Low-tempo practice walks through scenarios

by Marc Ciampa / Edmonton Oilers

Monday's practice in Leduc was a lot more mental than physical, with the team walking through a bunch of scenarios that it found itself in over the past two games. Oilers head coach Todd McLellan talked about the need for the team to refresh itself on these situations and also grab a bit of a breather during a tough portion of the schedule.

“We looked at where we were in the schedule and how many games we’ve played. We’ve had a taxing stretch and it’s not going to get any easier until the end of this week so we didn’t want to over-tax them physically. We wanted to challenge them mentally so we walked through some of the scenarios that we wanted to clean up,” he said.

“We’d given up a couple of goals the last two games — important goals off neutral zone face-offs where our responsibilities really lacked. We cleaned up some things penalty kill so we walked through that and a couple game-specific drills for what we think Minnesota might throw at us.”

McLellan added that these types of drills are nothing new to his coaching repertoire but perhaps they're required a little more often just given the players' familiarity with his strategies.

“We’d be doing it in San Jose. Now that group was seven years in some of them, they could do it in their sleep. This group is still learning to trust each other. Everybody has a good idea of what they’re supposed to be doing but as soon as one guy doesn’t quite get his job done, the trust breaks down and everybody’s trying to cover up and it leads to more mistakes.”

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