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BLOG: "Let's all pretend we're fairies"

by Marc Ciampa / Edmonton Oilers

Oilers head coach Dallas Eakins was asked during his media avail on Monday about the team's final 22 games and any potential motivating tools he might use.

One that teams use regularly is to treat the games down the stretch like playoff series in seven-game segments. The Oilers coach was asked if he has done anything similar to that.

“In the past with teams,” Eakins said when asked if he’s tried it.

“My team in the American League, we weren’t very good. We were trying to build a program there and we tried that stuff down the stretch.”

Eakins didn't really elaborate on how successful it was at the time for the Toronto Marlies.

“It’s all about the process. I totally 100% understand what you’re staying. Let’s pretend we’re in a playoff series. Well, let’s all pretend we’re fairies. It’s not going to work.”

It is a mantra that Eakins has been stressing since the start of the season that the team will try and win every single game and that mindset will continue as the season winds down.

“Let’s try to get five wins in the next seven games. It all comes down to the process, and the process is that you can’t get five out of seven unless you win tonight. It comes down to that individual game. I like that approach better and I’m just going to stick with that.”

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