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BLOG: Interviews don’t move players that much

by Chris Wescott / Edmonton Oilers

Oilers Head Scout Stu MacGregor was on Oilers Now with Oilers Colour Analyst Bob Stauffer on Monday afternoon and talked about the upcoming combine and draft. MacGregor says the team will interview 82 players in all at the combine.

In the interviews, the scouting staff and management team will get a better feel for the type of person they might be getting should they select that player in the draft. MacGregor says there isn’t much moving up the draft board for players when it comes to how they did in the interviews.

“You’re basically getting to know a person or a young man in this case and find out just a little bit more about them,” MacGregor said. “It gives you a little bit more of a comfort with what they’re like and what they’re about a little bit, find out something about their background. There may be a specific incident that had happened during the season that you’re interested to see what their response was to a situation and just see what they were thinking at that particular time or just what they learned from an event that happened during the season.”

On the flip side, MacGregor also said they can’t hurt their stock much either. At the most, a bad interview may cost a player just a few spots.

“I think it could alter things,” MacGregor said. “Your question was could he dramatically change his position and no he can’t. But yes he could possibly move himself a spot or two or this or that. It’s like any interview. If you like someone, you’re going to want to have that person working for you or within your organization. It’s important for the player to be able to present himself in a positive image as well as being able to provide the skills that are necessary to obtain that position that they’re applying for. It’s very similar to a job interview.” and Oilers TV will be on location in Toronto for the combine this week.

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