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BLOG: Getting mentally stronger

by Chris Wescott / Edmonton Oilers

In Todd McLellan’s mind, it’s not a matter of changing culture. Often times when new coaches come in, they’ll make changes to habits and style and give speeches meant to inspire their team to change a culture in the hopes it leads to more wins. McLellan doesn’t like that word. For the Oilers new head coach, it’s about internally becoming mentally stronger in order to push through the downs and turn games around when it’s not going your way. That’s how you climb the standings.

“That word ‘culture’ is a dangerous word in my opinion,” said McLellan. “I don’t even know what it means anymore. We throw that around like a word that’s so common. I know here that we’re going to have to get mentally stronger. Our point where we succumb to the score of the opposition has to get pushed a lot further, a lot longer. That will be addressed with the players and that we’ll have to continue to push and continue to push. I’m saying that knowing there’s going to be some tough times. There will be some days when it’s not going so well and I’ll be really interested to see the group during those moments.”

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