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BLOG: Finding consistency

by Chris Wescott / Edmonton Oilers

he Oilers beat New Jersey and then followed up a great effort against the Islanders with a 4-3 overtime win in Montreal. That was followed by a 7-2 loss in Ottawa. They bounced back with a 4-3 shootout loss to Winnipeg and then a shootout win over Boston, again followed by disappointment with a 4-0 loss to Minnesota. That shutout was followed by a nice effort against Anaheim and a win against the very same Minnesota Wild. A 2-1 loss to St. Louis followed, not short on effort. Then came the disappointment last night in the form of a 5-2 loss to Los Angeles.

Two or three solid showings, followed by a letdown game. The Oilers are striving to weed out the latter.

“We’ve got to figure out why we play two or three good games in a row and then, not only are we playing bad but we’re almost embarrassing ourselves,” Luke Gazdic said. “The 4-0 loss to (Minnesota) was brutal, last night was brutal against LA. St. Louis, we lost but I thought we played a good quality game. It wasn’t the result we wanted, but we’ve got to find a way to bring a good, consistent effort every night. We can’t be playing two, three, four good games in a row and then come out and just stink up the joint. We’ve got to find a way to be a little more consistent in our starts and our efforts.”

Gazdic, along with several Oilers players showed anger and disappointment after last night’s result.

“We were frustrated,” Jordan Eberle said. “It wasn’t our best night, not even close. I think we’re trying to find a level of consistency where we’re playing our game every night. When you have a step back like that, it pisses you off. We addressed it today, we talked about it and went over the video. It was ugly. We strived to have a really good practice and we did.”

The search for consistency continued today at Rexall Place, where the Oilers pushed the pace of practice.

“I liked today,” Oilers Interim Coach Todd Nelson said. “We had a very good video session. We went over the things that we want to develop more consistency with and then we had an excellent day on the ice. If we can apply that work ethic on the ice we had today in practice to a game then we’ll be a much tougher team to play against. I think the guys are getting the concept, I think they’re understanding how we have to play consistently. We mentioned it last night that we have three decent efforts and then you have a game like last night where it wasn’t a very good game at all… Our goal is to play consistent the rest of the season.”

Nelson wasn’t the only one pleased with the response of the team today, following last night’s loss.

“It started today in practice for sure,” Nelson said. “We had a little video session before it and Todd was talking about things we have to work on, but the thing he focused on was we can’t think about next game with Chicago, it’s got to start in practice. We had an up tempo, good paced practice. It was tough, but we did well at it. We pushed through it and the next goal is to get ready for a good Blackhawks team.”

The Oilers begin a five-game road trip in Chicago on Friday.

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