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BLOG: Bryzgalov has 'room to grow'

by Marc Ciampa / Edmonton Oilers

Oilers goaltender Ilya Brzygalov had another performance versus a former team where he made a large number of saves and got his side into overtime but the Edmonton squad was unable to come away with two points.

"We were so close to the win again in this game. But it slipped away from us," said Brzygalov after practice in San Jose on Wednesday. He added that he feels, and has always felt, that he could improve with his play.

Ilya Bryzgalov faces a shootout attempt last Saturday (photo by Marko Ditkun / EOHC)

"You always have room to grow and work. You never stop, you always have to ask the question how can I be better and what can I do to make myself better?

"You should always think you can do better."

After the tying goal went in with 1:10 left, Brzygalov showed some frustration on the ice. It was similar to the game against the Flyers where he threw his stick in the air after Philly tied it late.

"It was a home game against Philly where he tossed his stick and I asked him what his frustration was, and his frustration was that he had let in a goal that he thought he should have had. He wanted to beat his old team and he was frustrated with himself," Eakins began.

The bench boss was asked about the outward emotion and he had an interesting take on the situation.

"I don't mind showing emotion. I think it's great probably once or twice a year in an 82-game schedule where the goalie smashes his stick over the crossbar in great frustration. I'm fairly certain that Bryz was probably more frustrated with the situation. But you're right, you have to watch your body language on the ice. And it's not so much about your team, body language to me is 'what are you selling? What are you telling everyone?' as soon as your body language goes south, if it's a consistent thing, you're certainly selling something to the other team."

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