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Back home in Edmonton

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
I am in the middle of unpacking boxes at my new place and thought I’d take a break to give you all a quick update.

The house is great and everything should be done by mid-September. I’m only waiting on the basement to be finished and I’m really excited about it. As I told you before, it’s going to be a real bachelor’s entertainment room with six TV, a bar, and some other fun toys. The guys are going to be so jealous.


My new piano also arrived yesterday so I’m figuring out where I’m going to put that up. I used to be able to play well but now I only know a couple of songs. I think I have about five memorized but I want to learn how to play some more current songs that people know. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Olympic orientation camp was a great experience for me. It was an honor to be there and I think the practicing really helped with my timing and tempo for skating up and down the ice. It helped me judge what it takes to be a better player because I was skating with such great guys.

Other than that camp I haven’t had too much time to do anything but train for the season. I’ve been doing a lot more skating and spending lots of time on the ice which is good. I was getting pretty bored in Madison so I was pumped to get back to Edmonton.


I’ve been skating with the guys a few times and then this weekend we’re all playing in that charity softball game. I’m not too sure who’s on my team but I know that Andrew is on the other team and I’m pretty happy about that. I’m definitely not scared of him because I’ve seen what he can do outside the hockey rink and it’s not pretty. I’m glad he’s not on my team. But I think Sammy is playing with me and I hear he used to play baseball so I’m hoping he’s decent.

As for me I’m pretty confident. I’ve got a really good swing and I’m going to be trying for home runs. I’m not going to settle for base hits – its home runs or nothing. It’s kind of intimidating hitting it over that fence at Telus Field, but I’ve tried it out earlier this summer so I think I’ll be okay.

My only concern is my home run dance. I’m going to have to try to figure something out before Saturday because I don’t want to disappoint my fans. Now that I’m free from Sam and Andrew I’ll be able to test out a few dance options here at home. It’s annoying when they interrupt my dancing.

Talk to you soon,


(Here's a picture of my new piano.)

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