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Amanda's Blog: Language is important

by Staff Writer / Edmonton Oilers

There has been a big ball of anxiety sitting in the middle of my chest all day long. I won’t say that I was nervous, but I most definitely wanted to get this show on the road.

It is choreography night.

This is where we gathered to learn the routine that we will be performing in front of the judges on Saturday. We will have the opportunity to run through the dance twice for the judges. I have always loved this particular idea. Mainly because just in case I do forget a portion of the routine, I will be able to get back out there and remember that piece, but I usually forget another.

The ladies trying out for the Promotions portion of this year’s team had their initial interviews this evening as well. They were asked a variety of questions from Head Coach Mailie Harris and Senior Manager, Community & Fan Relations Kevin Radomski. The questions ranged from “Why do you want to be on Octane?” to examining their knowledge on what promotions entails in the arena and in the community.

I spoke with a number of new Octane hopefuls this evening as well as veterans of both seasons re-auditioning. The theme appeared to be the same, the choreo was very fresh. It has elements of being super technical, points where we can catch our breath and moments that make you think on your feet. Margeaux has really got us started on the right foot. Based on this routine, Oil Country fans have a lot to be excited about for the upcoming season.

Now for those that are not trained dancers, like myself, I have comprised a list of the 8 most commonly used terms that will really help you get the dancers lingo down:

1. Choreography: a creation or compilation of steps, movements and/or patterns that form or create a dance routine. MTV really made this look easy, but honestly, do not be fooled. It takes a special type of person to be able to visualize a routine, and then ensure your dancers perform it, to the way it looks in your head.

2. Plea: bend your knees. This simple word had me stuck for months during the first season. As long as you’re bending your knees, you’re plea-ing.

3. Pot-a-Burette: in talking with a few people, the correct spelling is Pas de bourree. In order to do this, step back, step side, step front. This can be done either starting with the left or right foot.

4. Kick: I am pretty sure that if you have seen any type of martial arts movie, you have this one down. In order to ensure that it is appropriate for dance, point your toes.

5. Hair whip: this is where you put some serious effort into whipping your hair around in a predetermined direction. I would highly, highly recommend stretching your neck and traps out both before and after this particular move.

6. Hairography: from what I can gather, and in seeing the videos of Octane performances after the games, this is a move that adds the “WOW” factor to any dance and is an integral part in choreography. Please refer to Hair whip, and remember to stretch that neck!

7. Eight Count: all dances are broken into either 4 or 8 counts in line with the music, 8 being the most common. Think of it like lyrics of a song, they are all broken out in 8 beats telling a story.

8. Clean: this is a position where it is usually used at the end of an 8 count, to help transition into the next phrase of the dance.

I have found that in knowing the lingo it has given me the confidence to carry forward. I am so excited to perform for the judges on Saturday. Based on what I saw tonight, Oil Country, this upcoming year’s Octane team is going to knock your socks off!

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