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A look inside the scout meetings

by Morley Scott / Edmonton Oilers
With the 2008 NHL Entry Draft now just more than a day away, the Oilers scouts are meeting regularly to make sure that when it comes time to make a selection they have no doubt in their minds that the correct choice will be made. We had the privilege of sitting in on Wednesday's scout meeting and were able to get some footage to show right here at

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Afterwards, Morley Scott chatted with Head Scout Stu MacGregor about the meeting process that goes on.

Watch Morley's interview with Stu MacGregor: 700K 
Will Russian forward Nikita Filatov leap frog over the top five ranked defencemen and emerge as the second overall pick in this year's draft?
Morley Scott: Well Stu, you guys arrive here, your crew comes in, you do a head count to make sure everyone's here and then you have meetings leading up to Friday. What do you talk about in those meetings?

Stu MacGregor: Well, the head count's really important because you never know - it's like herding cats (laughs).  We just go back over what we've gone over already. It's a rehash to make sure we've covered all the situations and events that could happen or could develop and any additional information that may be brought forward that we've sourced in the last 10 days or so. And just continue to make sure we have everybody in the right position.

Morley: Everybody knows that Steven Stamkos is going first. After that, there seems to be a difference of opinion depending on who you talk to.

Stu: Absolutely. There's people thinking that Filatov may go at two as the next-best forward in the draft. There's Bogosian maybe at two, Pietrangelo, Doughty. Some scouts might even have Tyler Myers from Kelowna in that area as well.

Morley: It seems to be the general consensus is two real top-end forwards in Stamkos and Filatov and then four or five real good defencemen.

Stu: Yeah, I think that's pretty much the way it stands. You have that group of seven and then it takes from there.

You're 22 in the first round. You don't know who you're going to get but do you know what you're going to get? What kind of player do you expect to be available at 22?

Stu: A dynamic player (laughs).

Morley: How dynamic?

Stu: I think we're going to get a good player who will be a contributor in the NHL. A solid player that will probably be a solid second, third-line player.

Morley: As of right now, no picks in the second and third round. Four through seven, how important are those picks and how deep does this draft go? There's a lot of talk about this being a deep draft. Does it extend into the fourth, fifth, sixth rounds?

We certainly have players that we've ranked in those areas that we have a real feeling for and a real passion for. I would think that yes there's going to be some players and gems that will come out of those later rounds.

Morley: And obviously you have to be ready to make that second or third round pick if Kevin Lowe makes a trade as well.

Stu: You always have to be prepared. You put your list together with the idea you are drafting in those rounds. You're going to have to be ready and that's what we've done. 
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