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L50N Goals of the Year Bracket

Below you will find Leon Draisaitl's 2018-19 Goals of the Year Bracket. Draisaitl scored 50 goals in '18-19, and chose the best 32 tallies and pitted the plays against one another randomly.

Draisaitl's Goals of the Year bracket is wide open and up to you, the fans. Plays will go head-to-head with the winners, as voted by you, moving on to the next round.

Draisaitl scores off rush vs. LAK          
 April 15 - Game A R1,GA Winner        
Draisaitl's PPG vs. VAN          
  April 25 - Game A R2,GA Winner      
Draisaitl scores in Sweden          
  April 15 - Game B R1,GB Winner        
Draisaitl's snapshot vs. SJS          
        May 1 - Game A R3,GA Winner    
Draisaitl picks corner vs. SJS          
April 16 - Game C R1,GC Winner        
Draisaitl nets rebound for PPG at MTL          
  April 25 - Game B R2,GB Winner      
Draisaitl's power-play strike at MIN          
April 16 - Game D R1,GD Winner        
Draisaitl's 100th career goal vs. CAR          
      May 13 - Semifinal Game A SF,GA Winner  
Draisaitl nets hat trick vs. LAK          
April 17 - Game E R1,GE Winner        
Draisaitl's 40th of the season at CBJ   R2,GC Winner      
  April 26 - Game C        
Draisaitl's heavy one-timer vs. WPG          
April 17 - Game F R1,GF Winner        
Draisaitl's 30th of the season vs. CHI          
     May 2 - Game B R3,GB Winner    
Draisaitl's second of the game vs. WPG          
April 18 - Game G R1,GG Winner        
Draisaitl's power-play goal at NYI          
  April 26 - Game D R2,GD Winner      
Draisaitl scores on the rush at CAR          
April 18 - Game H R1,GH Winner        
Draisaitl steals and scores at NSH         L50N's Goal of the Year
        May 27 - Final
Draisaitl's terrific toe-drag vs. VGK        
April 19 - Game I R1,GI Winner      
Draisaitl notches his second goal vs. MIN          
  April 29 - Game E R2,GE Winner      
Draisaitl's tip-in goal at ARI          
April 19 - Game J R1,GJ Winner        
Draisaitl pots 50th goal at CGY          
    May 3 - Game C
R3,GC Winner
Draisaitl's early power-play goal vs. NYI          
April 22 - Game K R1,GK Winner        
Draisaitl's power-play goal at TOR          
  April 29 - Game F R2,GF Winner      
Draisaitl's one-timer at TBL          
April 22 - Game L R1,GL Winner        
Draisaitl nets PPG for second at NSH          
      May 20 - Semifinal Game B SF,GB Winner  
Draisaitl scores shorthanded at BUF          
 April 23 - Game M R1,GM Winner        
Draisaitl wins it in OT vs. NYR          
  April 30 - Game G R2,GG Winner      
Draisaitl buries McDavid's feed at VGK          
 April 23 - Game N R1,GN Winner        
Draisaitl steals puck and pots SHG vs. SJS          
    May 6 - Game D R3,GD Winner    
Draisaitl's overtime winner vs. BOS          
April 24 - Game O R1,GO Winner        
Draisaitl's backhand tally at MTL          
  April 30 - Game H R2,GH Winner      
Draisaitl's 100th point of season vs. DAL          
April 24 - Game P R1,GP Winner        
Draisaitl cuts deficit vs. DET