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Wings' Lidstrom to sit out weekend games

by Brian Hedger
DETROIT -- Nicklas Lidstrom was hoping he could get back on the ice by now, at least to test out his sore ankle, which has a deep bone bruise after getting hit with a slap shot a week ago.

Instead, the 41-year old Detroit Red Wings defenseman and captain, who sat out Tuesday's game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, will miss Friday's game against the Minnesota Wild and Sunday's game against the Chicago Blackhawks, and then he and the team will re-evaluate the ankle on Monday.

"I've had it X-rayed twice, so we'll see what they want me to do on Monday," said Lidstrom, who has missed a total of 38 games out of a possible 1,850 regular season and playoff games in his NHL career. "Right now just ... I can ride the bike. Not pushing off with my toe, but I can still ride the bike and work out that way."

The longest period of time Lidstrom has missed is six games in 2007-08, when he had a knee sprain. Is he concerned this current injury might require a longer time to heal, especially with just 18 games left in the regular season?

"A little bit, especially when it's been almost a week now and it's still sore," Lidstrom said after Detroit's morning skate Friday. "I was hoping it was going to be a couple of days and I'd miss one game and be back at it, but this is lingering longer than I was hoping for."

Lidstrom was struck on the outside of the ankle by a slap shot during a 4-3 home loss Feb. 25 to the Colorado Avalanche. A week prior, Lidstrom was struck on the inside of the same foot by a Mike Fisher wrist shot early in the third period of Detroit's game against the Nashville Predators.

He played through the Fisher shot, which caused some soreness but wasn't as severe. Lidstrom even felt strong enough to assist on the game-winning goal.

"I got hit a few weeks ago on the inside," Lidstrom said. "That was different. It wasn't as bad. It wasn't as sore as this one is. (This one) just hit me right in that spot where, even though the skate is protected, it's still going to hurt ... and I think it hit right in that spot."

The good news for Lidstrom is the swelling has subsided from a few days ago and he can get his foot in his skate thanks to some alterations made to it. The problem is when he ties it tight enough to skate.

"It was just too sore once I tied the skate, too sore to push off," said Lidstrom, who has 10 goals, 21 and a plus-25 rating in 62 games. "When you're skating, you kind of push off with your toes and I just couldn't push off. That's the problem with it."

Lidstrom isn't used to missing games, and with the uncertainty surrounding his current ailment, he's getting frustrated.

"I don't like it, really," said Lidstrom, whose skate has already been fitted with a protective outer shell to absorb impact whenever he is able to return. "I'd rather be on the ice or on the bench being part of the game. It's a lot harder sitting on the side and watching rather than being part of the game."

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