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Want to see a great hockey player's face on toast? Here's your chance

Gretzky, McDavid, Toews lend the faces to toaster to benefit kids charity @NHLdotcom

A regular toaster may be good, but a Wayne Gretzky toaster is a Great One.

Wayne Gretzky, Jonathan Toews and Connor McDavid are each lending their likeness to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program "Give a Toast." Fans bought up the limited-edition appliances that toast bread while branding each player's face on every slice.

The toasters were so popular all three styles sold out in a day.

Each toaster was given a name, and Toews, McDavid and Gretzky each recorded an incredible video to promote sales.

Gretzky's is being called "The Great Toaster."

Tweet from @WayneGretzky: The Great Toaster, it's probably the greatest toaster of all time. Order today and support @CanadianTire's #GiveAToast

McDavid, the Edmonton Oilers captain and 2017 Hart Trophy winner, has has his branded the "Toaster of Tomorrow."

Tweet from @cmcdavid97: Order The Toaster of Tomorrow, today! It���s the best thing since sliced bread. Support @CanadianTire ���s #GiveAToast at

The Chicago Blackhawks captain's is called "The Toews-ter," so you can make some tasty toast.

Tweet from @JonathanToews: Quit loafing around and order The Toews-ter now. Support @CanadianTire���s #GiveAToast (Canada only)

Each toaster is "goalpost red" color and is on sale for $24.99, but only available in Canada.

All proceeds are going to Jumpstart charities, which helps Canadian children from financially distressed families participate in organized sports.

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