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Wall-to-wall hockey at Paul's house

by Paul Kukla
When I told family and friends I would not be available from 4 p.m. ET Saturday to around 1 a.m. ET Sunday, they laughed at me.

"Why Paul? Need to break down the Wings' power play?"

"Watching college football?"

"Taking a mini-break from the daily routine?"

No. No. No. You see, every NHL team will be playing and I plan on watching every minute of every game!
The next question was, "When does the party start?"  Any time after 3:30 p.m., I told them. Bring food and beverages. Wear your team colors, but don't touch the remote control, that will remain in my possession throughout the late afternoon and evening.
So far, 40 people are expected and I am sure more will just pop in. Over the summer months, I added 2 HDTVs, making a grand total of 4. Two LCDs, a 42-inch model along with a 55-inch model.  The two added during the summer are plasma models, one 50-inch and another 32-inches. I am set and can be in almost any room and be tuned into a game.
This time though, three HDTVs will be side-by-side-by-side and the room these televisions will be in will look more like a hockey production studio than a home theater room.  Wires are coming out of the ceiling, the baseboards and running along the floor.  I have attached numerous headphone sets to the audio receivers that are hooked up to the televisions, allowing some sort of privacy if guests wish to listen to the games in an individual manner.  I am not sure, but the room may be in some sort of FCC violation.
Two of the 3 TVs have the capability to receive up to 8 pictures-in-pictures which will be very handy during the night. My only concern is this new fancy, do-all, universal remote I purchased a few months ago. I have programmed it to handle each TV differently, so when I turn a channel on one set, the other two televisions remain untouched. By flicking a button on the remote, I can control the next TV and so on, at least I hope that is the way it will work.
I've even thought of the person that needs to take a personal break, you know the one, that just can't wait. ... I have a micro pc and will be broadcasting NHL GameCenter Live on it, all done wirelessly. Even though the screen may not be very big, at least hockey will be available to everyone, anywhere in the house.
Preparing for Super Saturday, I haven't even looked at the schedule and don't plan to do so. We will just watch every game, and increase the size of the picture of the games that are providing us the greatest entertainment value. Besides, it is not like we will be saying, 'Darn, I wish the Canadiens or the Rangers were playing tonight!" 
It is not often hockey fans get a day/night like this. I am prepared, ready to eat, live and breathe hockey on Saturday.  Forget the other sports on this day, this day belongs to hockey fans. Enjoy, scream and yell, just make sure to watch!
Almost forgot to tell you about the fourth TV in the house. It is hidden, only I know where it is located and only I will be able to watch it. We all need a place to be alone with our thoughts and I just may need it around midnight on Saturday. On the other hand, I can use Sunday as a day of recuperation. Since it is a hockey-free day, I just may sleep in and dream about what a great time we all had on Saturday.

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