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Visiting Sea Life

by Adam Kimelman /
The Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America is the world's largest of its kind, and it was an interesting experience.

There was an array of hands-on spots where the prospects handled starfish and hermit crabs. Then it was inside with blacklighting for spectacular glowing jellyfish.

After that it was into the walk-through aquarium, where you were surrounded by water and sea life on all sides.

The sharks were clearly the favorites.

"Seeing all the sharks and getting close to them was pretty cool," Jonathan Huberdeau said.

"The sharks were awesome," added Adam Larsson. "I had never seen one before."

After a quick visit to the LEGO Promenade, it's time for a quick bite to eat at Soul Daddy, the restaurant owned by Jamawn Woods, winner of NBC's "America's Next Great Restaurant."

Back with more in a bit.

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