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Markstrom gifts stick to young fan dressed as Canucks goalie

Vancouver player spots kid in crowd, hands over equipment

by Daniel O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

If you are going to dress as a goalie, Jacob Markstrom is going to make sure you have the right stick.

A young Vancouver Canucks fan was in the crowd at Amalie Arena for a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday. He was dressed in some, but not enough goalie gear for Markstom's liking.

The youngster was wearing a white Canucks jersey, goalie mask and blocker. He was holding what appeared to be a souvenir mini stick.

Markstrom changed that immediately.

Tweet from @Canucks: If you dress like @j_markstrom, you need a Marky stick! 🏒😃

The Canucks goalie passed the real thing over the boards to the kid, who had to be smiling ear-to-ear under the bucket.

It probably will be a few more years until the wanna-be pro netminder grows into being able to use it, but why not start practicing now?

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