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Syd Butler - Sid the Kid

by Syd Butler /
Blog 12 - Tuesday, May 5

After Game 2 between the Caps and the Pens, or The Ovie Show vs. The Crosby Show, one thing continues to be true. 
Here is Sidney Crosby, one of the best players in the world, busting his butt to elevate the rest of his team. He scores a hat trick for heaven’s sake.  He is the Penguins’ hero and he might single-handedly help the Pennies crawl out of their hole and come back in this series. But what sticks out in my mind are his complaints about all the hats that were thrown on the ice after Ovie’s hat trick and his lackluster tones when talking about Simeon Varlamov's play. 


"People kept throwing hats. I was just asking if he could make an announcement to ask them to stop. I mean, the first wave came and then I think they were all pretty much picked up, and then more started coming. So for us, we just wanted to make sure we kept kind of moving and kept the game going, wanted to try to get back in it. So wasn't complaining about anything."

I wonder. If Crosby’s hat trick had taken place in Pittsburgh, would he have complained about hats on the ice and fans support?  I don't know what he is like in the dressing room. Does he come off like a know-it-all Dad? He certainly has respect, but do the guys like him?
When the Caps score, they rush to support each other and congratulate each other. I noticed after Crosby’s first goal, he looked around for teammates to celebrate with. It was weird.
But Crosby is an amazing hockey player and I respect the hell out of his talents. I just won't have him over for dinner- or set him up with my sister- as she loves to laugh. No one wants to hear someone constantly complain about celebrations.

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