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Syd Butler - Questions?

by Syd Butler /
Blog 13 - Wednesday, May 6

Monday night’s game was a HUGE win for the Caps and a huge night for the League. Two superstars delivered hat tricks (just one would have been amazing!) and their goalies made sick saves. It's great to watch these guys who are so freaking talented. On one side you have Alex Ovechkin, so dynamic, with his beautiful one-timers. The puck flies off his stick and goes into the back of the net before your eyes can tell your brain what happened. In contrast, there is Crosby, whacking and chipping away at the puck like an old lady thwarting off a mugger with her handbag. He pokes and prods and slips the puck under the goalie’s pads like a teenager’s tongue shooting for the mouth in an awkward first kiss.
The Pennies outplayed the Caps for most of this game....again. With long stretches of puck control, it looked like they were on the power play even when they weren’t. In each of the two games, the Pens have come in, attacked the net, done so many things right, and scored the first goal. The Caps seem to be watching the Pens scribble around making lines across the ice. Thank God the Caps have found a goaltender (Simeon Varlamov) and a goal scorer (Alex Ovechkin) and a defensive forward (David Steckel). They all dig deep - or get lucky. I am still waiting to see the Caps dominate the play in this series, and it makes me nervous that they haven’t.
I am scared about the next games on Pittsburgh’s home turf. I worry the Pens have serious firepower we have yet to see. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what game they will play - and what game we will show up with.
Are the hockey Gods finally looking our way?
Are these Pen-nies from heaven? Will the Caps win this series?
Did Ovie switch sticks in the second period after his flubs in the first? Will Alexander Semin and Mike Green score? Will Nicklas Backstrom?
The Caps have it in them to be the better team, not just the winning team.  Let’s hope for both!

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