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Sunday broadcast update @NHL

The NBC Sports broadcast of Game 6 of the Detroit Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators NHL Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Final on Sunday, April 20 at 3 p.m. ET will be pre-empted by WNBC Channel 4 in the New York City DMA due to coverage of the planned Mass at Yankee Stadium to be celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI.

NHL fans in the New York area will be able to watch the entire game live on NBC's 4.4 digital channel and MSG Plus. WNBC Channel 4 will join the game in progress.  NBC 4.4 is available on the following channels on the following cable systems:

Time Warner: 732
Comcast: 249
Cablevision (NY, NJ): 110
Cablevision (CT): 119
RCN: 190
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