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Status of search for live liver donor for Eugene Melnyk @NHL

OTTAWA –The Ottawa Senators organization is able to pass along the following information regarding efforts to identify a suitable live liver donor for Senators owner Eugene Melnyk:

- To date, over 500 donor applications have been received by the University Health Network’s (UHN) Donor Assessment Team.

- The UHN and the Senators organization can confirm that more than 12 candidates have been identified and selected to go through the donor screening process at Toronto General Hospital. These candidates are at various stages of the screening process.

- The UHN Donor Assessment Team led by Dr. Gary Levy is continuing to encourage any interested individuals to complete the donor assessment form and to fax them to 416-340-4317. They are working through the weekend and will continually review and prioritize all completed forms as they are received.

- The Senators phone line is not operational this weekend but interested parties can still go to for information and to access the donor application form they can use to apply to be a potential liver donor for Mr. Melnyk.

- There is no specific timeline on when a liver transplantation will be scheduled for Mr. Melnyk. This will not be provided until a live liver donor suitable for Mr. Melnyk has been identified. At which time a transplantation will be immediately scheduled.

- Mr. Melnyk’s health remains stable for the time being and he is in great spirits buoyed by the outpouring of public support.

To read more from the Senators' website, CLICK HERE.

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