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Stars, Kings clash on social media before Frozen Fury

Dallas, Los Angeles engage in GIF battle on Twitter prior to, during preseason game

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars played the first NHL game at T-Mobile Arena on Friday, but the on-ice battle between the teams spilled over onto social media.

The Kings tweeted an anecdote from coach Darryl Sutter dubbed "Sutter Wisdom" ahead of Los Angeles' annual Frozen Fury game in Las Vegas. The Stars responded with a quote from their coach Lindy Ruff, and called it "Life Lessons with Lindy." 

Tweet from @LAKings: A special edition "Sutter Wisdom" for today���s #FrozenFury against the @DallasStars.

 Tweet from @DallasStars: .@LAKings 'Life Lessons with Lindy' #FrozenFury

That's when the fun began. The Stars and Kings exchanged pictures of their coaches to exhibit their antagonism. Then someone decided to see what Ruff and Sutter would look like if they traded faces.

Tweet from @NHL: @LAKings @DallasStars ������

The Stars upped the ante, posting a GIF of their players in the typical pre-game soccer routine. Instead of a ball, they were kicking the Kings logo.

Tweet from @DallasStars: .@LAKings Warmups are underway. #FrozenFury

The Kings were not impressed.

Tweet from @LAKings: .@DallasStars cute.

Dallas won the preseason game 6-3, with forward Patrik Nemeth scoring twice, and the Stars turned back the clock to gloat about the win in their preseason finale.

Tweet from @DallasStars: .@LAKings YOUNG RUFF OUT.

The Kings were not amused.

Tweet from @LAKings: .@DallasStars

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