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Stanley Cup Final's Stanley Cup Final quiz

Put your trophy knowledge to the test @NHL

How well do you know your history of the Stanley Cup Final? Here's your chance to test your knowledge with's 30-question quiz on everything involving Lord Stanley's favorite piece of hardware.

Take your best shot, but don't touch the Cup until you've answered all 30 correctly.


1. Which team has most recently won the Stanley Cup in back-to-back years?
a) Detroit Red Wings
b) Chicago Blackhawks
c) Los Angeles Kings
d) Montreal Canadiens


2. Which team was the first to win the Stanley Cup three years in a row?
a) Detroit Red Wings
b) Chicago Blackhawks
c) Montreal Canadiens
d) Toronto Maple Leafs


3. What was the first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup?
a) Los Angeles Kings
b) Philadelphia Flyers
c) St. Louis Blues
d) Minnesota North Stars


4. Who retired in 1971 after winning the Stanley Cup for the 10th time as a player?
a) Maurice Richard
b) Henri Richard
c) Jean Beliveau
d) Yvan Cournoyer


5. What was the most recent team to qualify for the Final with a losing record?
a) Pittsburgh Penguins
b) Minnesota North Stars
c) Dallas Stars
d) Vancouver Canucks


6. How many overtime games did the Los Angeles Kings win in the 2014 Final against the New York Rangers?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3


7. Who is the only player to score the Cup-winning goal in back-to-back Finals?
a) Bobby Orr
b) Mike Bossy
c) Wayne Gretzky
d) Maurice Richard


8. The Final has not ended in a sweep since?
a) 1998
b) 2001
c) 2002
d) 2007


9. Who is the most recent player to score the Cup-winning goal in overtime?
a) Patrice Bergeron
b) Anze Kopitar
c) Alec Martinez
d) Patrick Kane


10. The Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadiens have met in the Final five times. How many have the Blackhawks won?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3


11. Which team lost three consecutive Finals from 1968-70?
a) Philadelphia Flyers
b) Pittsburgh Penguins
c) Los Angeles Kings
d) St. Louis Blues


12. In their run of four straight Stanley Cups, how many games did the New York Islanders lose in the Final?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6


13. Which two teams were the most recent to play in consecutive Stanley Cup Finals?
a) Blackhawks-Canadiens
b) Islanders-Oilers
c) Penguins-Red Wings
d) Canadiens-Bruins


14. Who scored the goal that won the longest overtime game in the Final?
a) Brett Hull
b) Mike Bossy
c) Uwe Krupp
d) Petr Klima


15. How many times has the Stanley Cup been won by an overtime goal in Game 7?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4


16. Which team lost the first three games of the Final, then won the next four and the Cup?
a) New York Rangers
b) Toronto Maple Leafs
c) Detroit Red Wings
d) Boston Bruins


17. What is the most goals scored by two teams in a Final game?
a) 12
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15


18. Who won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 1971 and the Calder Trophy in 1971-72?
a) Bobby Orr
b) Ken Dryden
c) Patrick Kane
d) Rogie Vachon


19. What is the most goals scored by one team in a Stanley Cup Final game?
a) 8
b) 9
c) 10
d) 11


20. Who scored the fastest overtime goal in a Final game?
a) Yvan Cournoyer
b) Yvon Lambert
c) Bobby Orr
d) Brian Skrudland


21. Which Stanley Cup Final had every game go into overtime?
a) 1940
b) 1944
c) 1951
d) 1977


22. How many Final games have been played without a penalty being called?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3


23. Why was the 1932 Final between the Maple Leafs and Rangers called the "Tennis series?"
a) The winning team scored six times in each game
b) A tennis tournament interrupted the series
c) The puck bounced like a tennis ball on soft ice
d) A tennis ball was used instead of a puck


24. Four players have played in 12 Stanley Cup Finals. Who is the only non-Montreal Canadien to do it?
a) Bob Pulford
b) Gordie Howe
c) Bill Gadsby
d) Red Kelly


25. Who has the most career points in the Final?
a) Wayne Gretzky
b) Jean Beliveau
c) Maurice Richard
d) Gordie Howe


26. Who has scored the most career goals in the Final?
a) Wayne Gretzky
b) Jean Beliveau
c) Maurice Richard
d) Gordie Howe


27. Who was the first player to score two overtime goals in one Final series?
a) Don Raleigh
b) Maurice Richard
c) Gordie Howe
d) John LeClair


28. Who won the first Conn Smythe Trophy?
a) Roger Crozier
b) Bobby Orr
c) Dave Keon
d) Jean Beliveau


29. Who is the only player to score two shorthanded goals in one Final game?
a) Dave Keon
b) Bobby Orr
c) Ed Westfall
d) Lorne Henning


30. Who holds the record for most Stanley Cup championships won as a coach?
a) Al Arbour
b) Dick Irvin
c) Scotty Bowman
d) Toe Blake



1. a - Detroit won in 1997 and 1998;

2. d. - Toronto won in 1947-48-49;

3. b. - The Flyers defeated the Boston Bruins in the 1974 Final;

4. c. - Jean Beliveau retired after helping the Montreal Canadiens win the Cup in 1971;

5. b. - The 1991 North Stars made the Final after going 27-39-14 during the regular season;

6. d. - Three of the Kings' four wins came in overtime, including the Cup-winner in Game 5;

7. b. - Bossy scored the winner in 1982 and 1983;

8. a. - Detroit swept Washington in the 1998 Final;

9. c. - Alec Martinez scored the overtime winner in Game 5 in 2014 to win the Cup for the Kings;

10. a. - Chicago is 0-5 all-time in the Final against the Canadiens;

11. d. - The Blues were swept in 1968 and 1969 by the Montreal Canadiens and in 1970 by the Boston Bruins;

12. b. - The Islanders lost twice in 1980, once in 1981 and swept the Final in 1982 and 1983;

13. c. - The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2008 and lost to them in 2009;

14. d. - Klima scored at 5:13 of the third OT to give the Edmonton Oilers a 3-2 win against the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the 1990 Final;

15. c. - The Detroit Red Wings won in overtime in Game 7 in 1950 and 1955;

16. b. - The 1942 Maple Leafs lost the first three games to Detroit, then won four in a row;

17. d. - The Chicago Blackhawks (8) defeated the Montreal Canadiens (7) in Game 5 in 1973;

18. b. - Ken Dryden led Montreal to the Cup in 1971 and was named the NHL's top rookie in 1971-2;

19. b. - The 1936 Detroit Red Wings and 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs each scored 9 goals in a game;

20. d. - Skrudland scored 9 seconds into Game 2 of the 1989 Final for the Montreal Canadiens against the Calgary Flames;

21. c. - The Toronto Maple Leafs won the 1951 Final in five games; all went into OT;

22. b. - Game 6 of the 1942 Final (Detroit-Toronto) had no penalties called;

23. a. - Toronto won 6-4, 6-2, 6-4; the scores in the best-of-5 series looked like those of a tennis match;

24. d. - Kelly played in six Finals with Detroit and five with Toronto;

25. b. - Beliveau had 62 points, nine more than Gretzky;

26. c. - Richard had 34 goals in the Final, four more than Beliveau;

27. a. - Raleigh, a center with the New York Rangers, had two OT goals in 1950;

28. d. - Beliveau won the award in 1965, the first year it was presented;

29. a. - Keon scored twice while Toronto was shorthanded in Game 5 of the 1963 Final;

30. c. - Bowman won the Stanley Cup nine times as a coach


Quiz grading

26-30 correct: Stanley Cup Champion

21-25: Reached Conference Final

16-20: Lost in first round

11-15: Didn't make playoffs

0-10: Need some time in the minors


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