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Stanley Cup Final Media Day live blog

by Dave Lozo /
There's nothing quite like media day at the Stanley Cup Final. Every player from the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks will have their own little station for the media to speak to them. They say you shouldn't put people on a pedestal, but that's basically what will happen for everyone today.

Right now, the Canucks are in the middle of their 11 a.m. practice at Rogers Arena, the site of today's media day festivities. They've spent time on the power play and are currently working on breakouts.

At 1 p.m., the Canucks will meet the media on the concourse here at the arena. It's not quite the Super Bowl media day where players are asked endless amounts of off-the-wall questions, but it's a spot where some players who don't generally get swamped by media will find themselves in the spotlight for a few minutes.

The Bruins' time to face the media will at 3 p.m. Stay tuned for all the goings-on from today's fun.

3:09 p.m. -- Practice is over, and now we're sitting in our little work tent in the bowels of Rogers Arena. It's a small area, but it looks like we're encased in a cement room, a bomb shelter if you will. If the rapture comes at any point today, I think we'll be safe. There are arena workers nearby operating a forklift, and based on the constant beeping, I think they are trained to drive it backwards, which is nice. The Canucks availability will be starting in less than an hour, so hopefully I'll have something slightly more interesting then.

4:23 p.m. -- Canucks availability just wrapped up, and man was it a scene. The players were brought out in two batches of 10, with the Sedins in the first group and Roberto Luongo in the second group. As expected, there were huge piles of reporters gathered to get their one question in for the stars, but this is Canada, where every player is a star. There were lines to get to Keith Ballard, Alexander Edler and even backup Corey Schneider, who grew up near Boston. During the second group of Canucks, Kevin Bieksa was asked about rumors at the trade deadline. He responded that TSN was 0-for-25 at predicting trades, so he was never worried about being dealt. Most of the concourse where media was taking place cracked up. Bieksa had been at his podium for about 20 minutes, but only then did he realize his interviews could be heard over a loudspeaker.

5:01 p.m. -- Doc Emrick just popped his head into our work area and cracked some jokes. We're right below the stands, so he wondered what would happen if the people above of us spilled their beers on us. Funny guy, that Doc. Anyway, the Bruins are done with practice and will be starting their media circus in about 15 minutes. It might not be as hectic as the Canucks' situation, but then again, it might be worse.

7:44 p.m. -- Media day is officially winding down, as Bruins coach Claude Julien and GM Peter Chiarelli are just getting done with speaking to reporters. There was far less fanfare with the Bruins players, but Vancouver guy Milan Lucic garnered the most attention of any player who spoke today. It's great to see him embrace his popularity here and answer every question that comes his way. Tim Thomas also had a pretty sizable gathering around his area.

I was just told by Shawn P. Roarke and his playoff goatee that at one point during a line of inquiry with Christian Ehrhoff, he was interrupted by another journalist who asked, "Christian, how do you say, 'Die Bruins Die' in German?"

Media day. It's fantastic.
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