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St. Louis fans paint Blues logos on lawns for Stanley Cup Final

Supporters show loyalty by coloring yards in blue, yellow

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

St. Louis Blues fans say they bleed blue, and for some that goes for their lawns too.

Fans around the St. Louis area have been painting the Blue Note onto their lawns in a unique show of support for the Blues' Stanley Cup Final series against the Boston Bruins, their first championship-round appearance since 1970.

"I've probably seen a dozen different yards just on social media with a small Blues logo or things like that," said Jeff Marquitz, a Kirkwood, Missouri resident who painted the logo onto his lawn. "With the Blues in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 49 years, I think everyone is kind of shocked that we're here now, and now that we're here, I think people are just anything Blues." 

Tweet from @quitz13: This is what fans do to support there team!!! Let's Go Blues @StLouisBlues @NHL @NHLonNBCSports

Marquitz's brother-in-law, Scott Parker, was a groundskeeper for the NFL's St. Louis Rams and started his own field design firm after they relocated to Los Angeles. 
He had been dying to paint the logo onto the Marquitz's lawn and was finally given the go-ahead after St. Louis clinched the Cup Final berth.

"He says it's the perfect slope, and my yard is always in great shape," Marquitz said. "The past couple of years, I kept I kept telling him 'No, no, no,' and then finally when the Blues made the Stanley Cup Final, I had to collapse and give him permission to go ahead and get it done."

Marquitz and Parker used chalk paint, which they had to go 100 miles to Columbia, Missouri to get, and it took about two hours to complete. It's attracted a firestorm of attention in Kirkwood.

"I had some people say 'I can't believe you did this to your yard,'" Marquitz said. "We probably had about two dozen people go by, and they're taking pictures. … It's been a little more crazy than I thought it would have been."

Mika Courtney, a 30-year-old tattoo artist from Quincy, Illinois, has been a Blues fan since she was a child, largely because of her mom, Lori. As the Blues prepared for Game 1 of the Cup Final in Boston on Monday, Lori asked Mika for help painting the logo on her lawn in Liberty, Illinois -- about 18 miles east of Quincy and roughly 140 miles northwest of St. Louis.

"My mother actually asked me to do it," Mika told "How many people can say their mom's asked them to graffiti their front yard?"

Mika mapped out the Blues logo on the lawn using sticks and some kite string, then she, Lori, and her 9-year-old daughter Coralee spent six hours, and 15 cans of spray paint, finishing the project. She said it was well worth the time and effort.

"I feel it's a unique way to convey support for your team," Mika said. "Anyone can buy a flag or a banner, but to put some elbow grease and/or sacrifice your lawn … just shows another level of loyalty."

The region has united around the Blues' run through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and logo painting is just one more way for fans to come together.

"It was a great bonding experience for me and my family," Mika said. "Most everyone in my family has their differences, but when we all get together, the Blues are the one thing everyone has in common."

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