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Oshie sports prince costume while playing dress-up with daughters

Wife Lauren recorded and shared adorable session after Capitals victory on Sunday

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Call it the T.J. Oshie hat trick: A goal, an assist and a dress-up party.

The Washington Capitals forward donned his finest prince costume and played with his adorable princesses Lyla and Leni following a 5-4 win against the San Jose Sharks on Sunday.

Instagram from @nhl: Prince Oshie and the Princesses

Oshie forced overtime with a goal in the third period and then .

Fortunately, his wife Lauren was recording the entire time.

Oshie, a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan from Everett, Washington, made sure to keep an eye on his favorite team, playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Playoffs, while spending quality time with his girls.

As any dad knows if you want the television, you have to make some concessions.

He also changed his attire in time to celebrate the Seahawks victory.

Tweet from @TJOshie77: #BeastMode

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