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Short Shifts

Aho plays 'Sebastian on the Shelf,' fills out Hurricanes naughty list

Forward gets laughs as he dresses as life-sized 'Elf on the Shelf' for team's holiday video

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Of course Santa Claus is watching, but where he can't, he sends his no-so-little helper: Sebastian on the Shelf.

In the Carolina Hurricanes holiday video, forward Sebastian Aho dressed up as a life-sized "Elf on a Shelf" and kept a close eye on things for the big guy with the white beard and red suit..

Tweet from @Canes: Sebastian On The Shelf (2019)

Aho busted various acts around the team's office that might land some unnamed employees on the naughty list. Offenses included but were not limited to: being a litterbug, stealing someone's lunch and ignoring a box labeled "Do not Open Until Christmas."

Yes, Sebastian on the Shelf saw it all And you better believe he wrote it all down. Each click of the pen was more chilling than the previous one.

So be careful out there and remember, Sebastian on the Shelf is always watching.

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