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Savard seeing minor progress

by Magalie Lafreni?re
BOSTON -- While not able to skate yet, let alone ride a bike, Marc Savard has progressed far enough along to have visited his teammates prior to Thursday's game against the Sabres.

"I haven’t even thought about that stuff now," Savard said when asked about physical activity. "I’m just trying to get healthy. I have steps in the right direction now in these last weeks. Especially with the good weather, I’ve been able to get outside and get some color and walk around. I definitely feel a lot better."

The All-Star center is recovering from a concussion he suffered as the result of a hit from Penguins' Matt Cooke on March 7. He continues to experience post-concussion symptoms such as headaches and exhaustion, but has shown some improvement.

"Little bit of headaches, still tired a bit," Savard explained. "When I’m outside for a long time, a little light-headed from just walking around."

Sleep has especially been difficult for Savard in the past few weeks, and he is taking medication to overcome the hurdles.

"My sleep has been a little all over the place -- especially in the first two weeks, I think I just slept," Savard said. "I've had trouble sleeping throughout the night, but obviously the doctors helped me out with some prescription to help me get through those nights. I'm having some bad dreams and stuff like that, but nothing I can't get over."

One simple task that most would take for granted, just eating, is one of the steps that has Savard heading back into the right direction.

"I’m able to eat stuff again, good food … you know, tasty food," Savard said. "It’s been good that way and hopefully it continues to get better."

Savard doesn't have a timetable for his return and is concentrating on getting better and his weekly visit to the doctor.

"I’m going to the doctor’s today, actually. I see her once a week and it’s been a good progression. Hopefully today I get another step in that direction," he said. "There’s still minor headaches and stuff I’m still cautious about. Until those go away, I’m not going to look at coming back. Right now I’m just cheering the boys on. I’m able to watch now and I’m feeling better, that’s for sure."

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