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Luongo retires from NHL, but hopefully not from Twitter

Panthers goalie had unique sense of humor during career

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

With the retirement of Roberto Luongo, hockey is losing more than the third-winningest goalie in League history, it is losing a Hall of Fame tweeter.

Though Luongo's career began long before the platform was even invented in 2006 and he didn't join until 2011, he was easily one of the most entertaining follows in hockey.

He wasn't, like so many of us, a volume tweeter. His retirement announcement, which featured goalie pads hanging from some power lines in the street was just his 9th post of 2019.

Tweet from @strombone1: I���ve decided to take my talents to a South Beach retirement home ���🏼

This final tweet of his NHL career was like so many before it: Concise, humorous and wildly popular.

Whether it is self-deprication or needling a fellow player, Luongo said it all.

He had the perfect tweet for when he was caught out of position.

Tweet from @strombone1: Took me a while to master this very difficult advanced technique......

And he always appreciated his defensive help.

Tweet from @strombone1: You know the boys have confidence in your goaltending skills when 3 guys line up to block a shot.....🚨🥅🚨

Luongo knew his place in history.

Tweet from @strombone1: After doing the math.... If I play another 28 years I will still fall about 5-6 wins shy of tying Marty's record!

And never backed down from a challenge.

Tweet from @strombone1: I've just decided that Reims will play ALL of the games versus the leafs this year...... #Matthews

Tweet from @strombone1: After such a big night should probably consider giving them the night off tomorrow no?

Never backed down from a challenge off the ice, either.

Tweet from @strombone1: ���Daddy this ride is scary������Don���t be scared honey I���ll protect you! You gotta be brave like daddy���

Luongo was honest about his fears.

Tweet from @strombone1: Did not sleep for one second last night cuz.....

And about his age.

Tweet from @strombone1: That���s actually a picture of me

He may not have earned celebrity status.

Tweet from @strombone1: Me to my wife: Babe when I come to Montreal I get recognized a lot Family walking towards me with big smile: Excuse me can you take a picture?Me puffing out my chest a little: See babe I told you

But he definitely knew what he was good at.

Tweet from @strombone1: NHL 3 stars of the week1) McDavid (2 goals 4 assists)2) Matthews (4 goals in NHL debut)3) Luongo (Funny Tweet)

Hopefully in retirement Luongo will have even more time for Twitter.

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