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Recovering from nine straight hours of hockey

by Paul Kukla
I still am recovering from Super Saturday. I basically watch hockey every day and every night when available, but for some reason, this day was different. Maybe it was the "pressure" of trying to watch 15 games in one day, maybe it was making sure all the TVs were in working order, but it was a different day.
I don't know if I could do it on a monthly basis, but having a great group of hockey fans around me made me feel like I was really at the games. All the guests were into the games, and even though some other major sporting events were going on that day, everyone was tuned into hockey and hockey only.
The crowd peaked around 7:30 p.m. and started to decline around 11 p.m. Thirty guests were proud to say they were settled into their seats for the start of the first game and lasted until the final horn of the night. Even though a few of them dozed off a few times, I will give them credit for lasting the whole night.
I received about 40 e-mails from fans who happened to read my column regarding the preparations I had made for Super Saturday. One e-mail was from a fan from the local Detroit area telling me what a great idea and how he wished he could be part of it. I took the hint, invited him over and I was happy to see him show up. I’ve made a new friend and by the way, his last name is Howe, but no relation.
I invite you, the reader, to invite some friends over to watch a full night of hockey. Maybe not on such a large scale that I was able to pull off. Start small, and who knows? Maybe you will be inviting me over to your home for a hockey viewing party!
* Total number of hot wings consumed by the 80 or so guests that invaded my home on Saturday: 482
* Number of trips made to the local Coney Island: 5, and 20 Coney Island hot dogs were brought back each time.
* Pizza, varying sizes and toppings: 24
* Cashews and pistachios consumed: 10 pounds of each, gone by 10 p.m.
* Number of hockey-themed cakes that were brought by guests: 4 -- and 2 were exactly the same. Must have been bought at the same bakery.
* Number of people I never met who came with friends of mine: 8
* Weirdest bring-your-own item: An Anaheim Ducks beanbag chair.
* Beverages (number of bottles and cans returned for deposit on Sunday): 622
* Items left behind: 8, including two cell phones and a pair of reading glasses.
* Number of items missing from my house: 1, a Red Wings cap.
* Number of law enforcement officials that stopped by: 1, a friend of mine on his lunch break.
* Number of high-fives given: I stopped counting after 50.
* People who spent the night: 4.
* People that were kicked out of the house by 11 a.m. on Sunday: 4.
* Cost of hiring someone to clean the house:  $100.

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