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Price is Right winners soak in Classic atmosphere

by Davis Harper
The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers will be hoping some of NiTasha Woods' good fortune rubs off on them.

Woods, 25, won the ultimate hockey getaway -- against towering odds -- when she wagered and lucked her way to the Price Is Right "Showcase Showdown" that sent her and a guest to the 2012 Winter Classic.


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Admittedly, though, it was her guest -- husband Jason, 29, who accompanied her to the taping -- who was significantly more excited.

"I was psyched!" said Jason, who joined his wife rink-side on Sunday, sporting a Rangers scarf and toque. "I just thought, We get to go to Philly!' Last year we were in Pittsburgh, watching all of it on TV. I couldn't believe it. Until we actually got on the airplane, I couldn't believe she had actually won this."

That's right: Pittsburgh. NiTasha is from Philadelphia's heated rival, and although she wishes she could see her Penguins on Monday, she'll remain loyal to her state.

"Hey! It's Pennsylvania. It's still my home state," NiTasha said, with the same ebullience that made her a natural choice for the Price Is Right producers. "We might have to be rivals, sitting next to each other.

"We'll be hitting and carrying on just like if we were on the ice!"

As typically happens in the Showdown, Woods reluctantly passed on the first Showcase option: a Wonka-like bundle built around Toys-R-Us, toys, trips and tinkering that she said would have been perfect for her two young children, in hopes of holding out for something better.

"I almost [took the first one] because I didn't know this package was here. I didn't know I'd be able to go to the Winter Classic," NiTasha said. "But, it's just been fantastic."

The Showcase isn't limited to just the Winter Classic admission. It includes airfare, official apparel, Discover gift card, and access to all of the weekend's events. Best of all, official sponsor Bridgestone will throw in a set of tires, for the 2012 Honda Accord that was also part of the package.

After the win, the Woods family had to keep quiet about their big win until the show aired on Dec. 19, nearly a month and a half later.

"That was the hardest thing, staying quiet for that whole month," Jason said, laughing. "You have to stay quiet until the show airs, so we just had to keep our excitement inside."

On Monday afternoon, the happy couple will join 48,000 other hockey fanatics in expressing just how excited they are.

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