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Gnash tried to turn into a feline good luck charm

Predators' saber-tooth tiger mascot looks to bring the kitty mojo

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Predators mascot takes the ice

SJS@NSH, Gm3: Predators bring their own cat for luck

R2, Gm3: The Predators mascot crawls in front of the bench to try and bring good luck to Nashville in Game 3

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Remember the black cat that scurried in front of the Sharks bench before Game 1 of the Western Conference Second Round? The little guy brought San Jose the exact opposite of bad luck and has since been christened Jo Paw-velski with puck sculptures and vanity Twitter accounts dedicated in his honor.

So it makes sense that the Predators, trailing 2-0 with the series headed to Nashville, wanted a little of that kitty mojo before Game 3.

Gnash is a saber-tooth tiger, but the Predators won, 4-1, so we may need to add a new superstition to the books: If a formerly extinct giant cat crosses your path, you'll have good luck. Or it might eat you. You know, either way. 

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