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Post-Game 3 quotes: Red Wings

by NHL Public Relations
Chris Osgood

Q.  How does the series change with you being up one instead of 3-0?

CHRIS OSGOOD:  We go back and practice and get ready for Saturday night.  It was a fast paced game.  I thought both teams played good.  Somebody's got to lose every night.

Q.  How does it change being on the road as opposed to being home?

CHRIS OSGOOD:  They played real good.  The first game was 2-0.  The other game was 1-0, 2-0 nothing early.  They came out, it was pretty good.  I don't feel like they played that much different other than they've got a lot of turnovers in the first and second out of our blue line, and they generated some chances off of that and passed it around and generated some good scoring chances on the power play.

Q.  After 156 minutes, do you feel like you've been going forward in this series with that type of a zone?

CHRIS OSGOOD:  I feel real good out there.  Feel real good tonight.  Felt like we were going to come back and win.  Like I said, I thought it was a real good game.  We win some of these, and unfortunately it wasn't us.

Kirk Maltby

Q.  In Detroit, looked like they barely touched the puck outside the first ten minutes of Game 1.  There was kind of a point about five minutes to go in the first, and then early in the second they seemed to control it.  What did they do differently?

KIRK MALTBY:  I think they played the way they wanted to.  And we were hesitant at times, and not really playing the way we were capable of or the way we did in the first two games.  So it's a game behind us.  We had a chance to win or tie it up late.  We weren't able to.  Now we move on to Game 4.

Q.  Was it physical play?

KIRK MALTBY:  You know, maybe we didn't get out when we should have a few times.  I don't think we did anything we didn't expect.  But I just think if we stick to our game plan, what we're capable of, we have a chance of playing a little bit better.  For the most part, I thought we did a good job answering the bell.  But there were times I think we were a little hesitant.  We have to do a better job of that.

Q.  How about Sidney, did you sense he maybe played with a little bit more of desperation and urgency?

KIRK MALTBY:  I don't know.  He'd probably say he tried pretty hard in the first two games, and did what he had to do.  Whenever you come back to your home rink and you have your home crowd, seems to be more of a boost and you get familiar with it.  So he got two goals tonight.  Probably a little bit of a difference.  We had a chance to tie it up late.  Unfortunately, we didn't have the time.

Kris Draper

Q.  Kris, what did you think of Sid's performance tonight against you guys?

KRIS DRAPER:  He got two big goals for them.  That's what great hockey players do this time of year.  That's a big plus for their hockey team.

Q.  This is not the game, though, that people were expecting from these two teams in the series?

KRIS DRAPER:  Yeah.  The goaltender made some big saves.  You know, we felt we had some great chances there.  We battled back.  I thought we responded well by falling behind.  And we had some good chances to tie it up, but tonight we just weren't able to get it done.  And they played the way we thought they were going to play.

They were going to come out   they said all along they like playing in this building.  They've had a lot of success at playoff time.  And it showed tonight. 

They responded.  That's the thing that happens in the Stanley Cup Finals.  We knew it was going to be a tough series, and they were going to come at us tonight.  We had some great chances early.  We felt we came out and did some good things in the first period.  But they were able to get that all important first goal tonight.  It was obviously a big lift for them to get that first one.

I think the one thing I thought they did more of is chipping pucks behind our "D" and trying to get on the forecheck.  This time of year, if you can get speed through the neutral zone, if you can get that forecheck going, good things are going to happen.  And tonight, you know, they were able to do that.  They capitalized on some mistakes.  And that's something that we need to correct.  We made some mistakes, and it ended up a bad night.

Q.  They chipped the puck in.  They weren't giving Ozzie [Chris Osgood] a chance to get the pucks tonight.  I think that was a little bit different.
KRIS DRAPER:  That's what I'm saying, putting the pucks back behind our "D".  And Ozzie, if he's got it, he can make those plays.  He's good with the puck, good heads up with the puck.  They put it in spots where they were able to create some chances on that.  And it's very similar to the way we want to play.  We want to make sure that we're a strong team neutral zone, not making mistakes, putting pucks behind their "D".  They did a very good job of that tonight.

Henrik Zetterberg

Q.  Did you notice any change in Osgood, any difference in his play tonight?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG:  No.  He battled like he always did.

Q.  On that first goal, did you see the pass, was it an errant pass off your skate or what happened?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG:  It was a pass.  It was a turnover by us.  And up to that point I think we had a pretty good first.  And they got that goal, the momentum on their side.  And I think we battled back and created some chances.  But overall we've got to take care of our defense first.  If you do that, then we're still going to get a chance and score from those.

Q.  The first goal really does change a lot, though, doesn't it?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG:  Most of the time it does, you know.  And I think we battled for 60 minutes and we were closing in.

Q.  Is this more the type of series of hockey you expected it to be, the way they brought it a little bit more tonight?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG:  You know, it was a good game.  I would say they skated real hard and they came at us.  But I think we carried it.  A few times we had the puck but couldn't get it out.  They took advantage of that, and we got chances and couldn't really get enough goals.

Q.  I guess you couldn't keep Crosby down forever, right?  That's what he does, to a certain degree?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG:  They've got some good players.  If you give them room and make mistakes when you're on the ice, they will take advantage of it.  They did tonight.  But still I think we created our own chances, too, but we couldn't really get behind it.

Q.  You guys certainly aren't down about your effort tonight, you're not down about the way you guys played tonight?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG:  We're not happy about the way we played.  We made some mistakes and they took advantage of it and scored some goals.  They got the power play.  They had the puck and we couldn't get it.  They scored.  If we just take care of that and keep playing good offense, we'll be all right.

Brian Rafalski

Q.  What about the goal in the first period?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  I think we got one goal in the first period.  We didn't execute as well as we have.  And didn't skate with as much authority as we did in the first games.

Q.  How much of their play had to do with their home ice, they haven't lost since February?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  We have to do better.

Q.  What about Game 3, you guys came here, you don't want to get a split?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  Our goal is the same.  You gotta win a game, you gotta chance to win Saturday.

Q.  What about their physical play --  do you take it to another level?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  I don't know about that.  We got hits tonight.  I think we tried to do it last game.  We spent more time in their zone.  We didn't get out of our zone as quickly as we had in the past.  They had results in that.

Q.  A few more turnovers than you guys are used to?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  Yeah, I think we need to do better.  We didn't do as well as we should have. n the last five minutes is where we had most of the problems.  In the first we got caught out there a little while.  Things were going our way until they scored the goal.

Q.  Obviously the [Sidney] Crosby - [Marian] Hossa line hurt you tonight?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  Yeah, they got those two goals, the first one on the power play.  They got more chances tonight.  We have to stop that.

Q.  Did you notice a difference out there as far as Evgeni Malkin?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  No, I thought it was fine.

Q.  Was there a difference in Ozzie tonight?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  No, he looked fine.  First goal was turnover.  Second goal, power play.  Third goal, bad bounce.

Q.  How difficult was the play against Sidney?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  Well, I didn't get out there much against him.  As I recall, not as much as the first two games.

Q.  Did you notice a major difference in the way they were playing?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  No, it was us tonight.  We didn't play as well we should have.

Q.  Brian, was that the big difference in the disparity in shots you had in the first period coming away with nothing?

BRIAN RAFALSKI:  Yeah, we were doing well until they got that goal.  Got momentum, got the crowd into it, and they took it from there.
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