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Situation Room

Video Review: PIT @ MTL - 15:01 of the Third Period

Call on the ice is upheld - No Goal Pittsburgh @NHLdotcom

Situation Room: PIT vs. MTL

Situation Room: Call on the ice of no goal, confirmed

The referees review to see if the Penguins shot crosses the goal line, and after video review, the call of no goal on the ice is confirmed

  • 01:04 •

Type of Review: Puck Over Goal Line

Result: Call on the ice is upheld - No Goal Pittsburgh

Explanation: Video review confirmed the actions of Bryan Rust caused the puck to illegally enter the Montreal net. According to Rule 78.5 (i), apparent goals shall be disallowed, "When the puck has been directed, batted or thrown into the net by an attacking player other than with a stick. When this occurs, if it is deemed to be done deliberately, then the decision shall be NO GOAL. A goal cannot be scored when the puck has been deliberately batted with any part of the attacking player's body into the net."

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