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Off-day June 1 quotes: Jordan Staal, Marian Hossa

by NHL Public Relations
Q.  Fellows, you obviously believe you can win the next game, but what makes you believe you can win the next game?

MARIAN HOSSA: Twenty-three guys in the room, us.

Q.  What do you say to each other?
Well, everybody knows how important it's going to be next game, and we don't even have to talk about it. Everybody just knows it, and we know what it's going to take to win the game. It's going to be extra difficult, but we are prepared and willing to do everything in our power to win the next game, and do the next step.

Q.  Jordan, a lot of the hockey experts are saying -- it's 3-1 Red Wings.  A lot of them are conceding the Cup to the Wings. How do you feel about that?
JORDAN STAAL: We try not to think about it, really. Again, it's one game at a time and you just try not to worry about all the other stuff around us. We know how to play hockey. We know how to win. We just have to go out and do it one step at a time.

Q.  Jordan, you know Evgeni Malkin pretty well. What have these last few days been like, a lot of criticism and pressure, last night obviously upset about the game, his lack of production. Is there anything you can say to him? How do you feel about his treatment?
JORDAN STAAL: I don't know. I think, obviously, he's playing hard. It's not his lack of effort. And obviously he's a great hockey player. And at times it doesn't seem to go his way. And a lot of players have gone through it. It's just bad timing. But again, we all know what he can do in the dressing room, and we know he'll step up when the time's right.

Q.  Where are you guys at? I guess mentally, in so many ways, that seemed to be a devastating loss having the lead on home ice and not being able to capitalize. Are you guys fragile emotionally? What's it like in the room right now?
MARIAN HOSSA: Well, obviously it was disappointing last night, especially in a great start. I think we played a pretty good game. But the other team scored two goals. We scored only one. We have to find a way to score. And that's the main area we have to improve, especially on special teams on the power play. And that's going to be our focus going into Game 5. And we just have to be better on the power play.

Q.  Marian, speaking of the power play, their strategy seemed to be they amped up the pressure. What are you going to do? If they come at you guys, is there a way you can take advantage of that with open space?
MARIAN HOSSA: On the power play?

Q.  Yes.
MARIAN HOSSA: I think we have to be more relaxed. Like everybody, we got so many young guys, and we sometimes try so many things really well and squeezing the sticks really hard.  We just have to relax and play with more confidence on the power play and just I think we'll be fine. We had great power plays. And right now I think we tried to do everything so quick. And obviously, they're doing a good job. We have to give them credit. But we have to be clearly more patient and find a low risk option and maybe shoot the puck more with the traffic.

Q.  The third period in this series has been tilted very much in their direction. It's 6-1 score, 45-24 shots. Why do you think that is? And is it really just a matter of one bounce? Is that the case?
JORDAN STAAL: I think every game has been real tight. Obviously, you know, there have been a lot of one goal games. And we believe a lot of different things could have changed the game, and the opportunities that we got and the stuff we didn't bury. And I think third period, it's been our best period all year long and it feels sometimes we don't have that extra, that extra bounce like you're saying. If we can get it for the next three games.

Q.  So they've been taking your third periods away, which was a bit of a trademark, and you scored a lot of goals in the playoffs. Goals were never a problem. Now they are. Is this just a case of them being that good a team, or does a lot of the fault or problem fall on your dressing room?
MARIAN HOSSA: Well, I think we have to give them lots of credit. I mean, they're an extremely good hockey club, and there is not much room up there. When there is, we've got -- seems like difficulty to score the goals. And we're creating chances, but they're not clean chances like we had before, because they're tracking back really hard. Obviously, have to work hard to get open space. It's a little bit of both. You have to give them credit, too. They're playing a great system, and it's really tough to find space there.

Q.  Jordan, how is the leg or lower body injury you may have had in Game 4, are you feeling okay?
JORDAN STAAL: Yeah, feels fine. Had a blocked shot on my foot and just bruised a little. When I took off my skate it started swelling up a bit. But it feels fine today.

Q.  Do you feel, after four games of this series, you haven't tested [Red Wings goaltender] Chris Osgood enough to be deserving of being anything but down 1-3?
MARIAN HOSSA I think, like I said before, they're doing an extremely great job in their zone. And I don't think being tested -- we had so much power in our offense. And we couldn't get clean, clean chances like we did in the three previous rounds. And it is frustrating, because we know we could score more goals. But right now they're doing an excellent job defensively. And just it's really frustrating, because I believe we can score more goals.

Q.  Is it possible that some of the players weren't producing, are counting too much perhaps on Sidney [Crosby] to lead them? He's only 20 years old, to lead this team?
JORDAN STAAL: I don't think so. I think everyone on this team obviously wants to produce in their own way. And everyone really knows their role on the team. And we're not counting on Sid to score three goals every night. Everyone wants to contribute in their own way. But obviously he's a great player, and he's led us obviously in one big game in Pittsburgh. And he's been unbelievable throughout the whole playoffs. The way he works hard and the way the guys follow him, he's been nothing but one of the best leaders I've ever been in front of.
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