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Hockey Fights Cancer

Hockey Fights Cancer photo gallery

Memorable moments from each NHL club's special night @NHL

Hockey Fights Cancer unites the hockey community in support of cancer patients and their families, with each NHL club hosting a HFC night, looking to inspire hope and courage for those who are living with, going through and moving past cancer.

November is Hockey Fights Cancer Month, with each club hosting a HFC night to raise awareness and support for hockey's most important fight.  


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Join us by making a donation, attending a future Hockey Fights Cancer game or sharing your story with us on social using #HockeyFightsCancer.

Check out some of the most memorable moments from each team's Awareness Night:


11/28: Vegas Golden Knights

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11/28: Detroit Red Wings

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11/28: Philadelphia Flyers

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11/28: New York Rangers

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11/27: Chicago Blackhawks

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11/27: Winnipeg Jets

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11/25: Montreal Canadiens

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11/25: Toronto Maple Leafs

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11/24: New Jersey Devils

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11/19: Carolina Hurricanes

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11/18: San Jose Sharks

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11/18: Buffalo Sabres

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11/14: Nashville Predators

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11/14: Minnesota Wild

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11/7: Pittsburgh Penguins

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11/6: Vancouver Canucks 

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11/6: Dallas Stars

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11/5: Calgary Flames

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11/5: New York Islanders

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11/4: Arizona Coyotes

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11/4: Florida Panthers

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11/4: Ottawa Senators

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11/3: Edmonton Oilers

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11/2: Colorado Avalanche

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11/2: Tampa Bay Lightning


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11/2: Washington Capitals

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10/27: Columbus Blue Jackets


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10/19: Boston Bruins

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10/18: Los Angeles Kings

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10/15: Anaheim Ducks

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