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NHL Green

Commissioner Bettman lauds NHL Green Week

Encourages all 'to focus on the importance of sustainability' @NHL

Gary Bettman talks NHL Green Week

Commissioner Bettman talks about NHL Green Week

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman discusses Green Week and talks about how the league and teams are participating in getting the message out

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With the NHL in the middle of celebrating its first Green Week, Commissioner Gary Bettman told NHL Live on Tuesday why the League has gotten behind this initiative in such a big way.

"We think it's important to get our fans, our business partners, our players, our clubs to focus on the importance of sustainability," Commissioner Bettman said. "And this is our opportunity to use our game and the myriad of things we do as a platform to get the right amount of attention to what's important in the environment."

Green Week celebrates, highlights and salutes the work being done by the NHL in conjunction with its 30 teams, their players and the League's partners to educate and encourage fans to join them in protecting the planet.

"The teams and the arenas are the places where our fans and our business partners interact on a daily basis in terms of getting the message out," Commissioner Bettman said. "Whether or not we're role models, which I believe we are, whether it's working with Constellation for carbon credits or replenishing fresh water, or the fact that we're one of the leading users in the country of green power, these are all things where we can not only get the message out but demonstrate what are good things to do."

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