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NHL Green

Green cleaning supplies help the environment

Latest innovation has NHL arenas converting tap water into cleanser for concourses and glass @NHL

From March 12-18, the National Hockey League and its member clubs, as part of the first-ever NHL Green Week, will showcase its greening programs and initiatives that are reducing the League's environmental impact, while calling on fans and partners to accelerate a movement toward a healthier planet.  

Today's Tip: Use 'Green Seal' on your cleaning team

Almost all commonly used cleaning and maintenance products contain chemicals that can cause serious health effects, including respiratory ailments, skin irritation, neurological disorders and even cancer. In addition to the human effects, many of these products or their byproducts can harm aquatic life and other species. Greener, non-toxic cleaners not only are better for your health, but they're better for the environment too.

NHL facility operation teams are promoting environmentally friendly cleaning practices and procuring environmentally friendly products. Arenas are choosing non-toxic paints and cleaning supplies. NHL arenas, including Verizon Center in Washington, Air Canada Centre in Toronto and Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, also are using a new device that effectively turns regular tap water into a highly efficient cleaner to scrub concourses and clean glass and mirrored surfaces using sodium-enriched water charged with electricity. This unique system allows these facilities to use fewer chemical-based cleaning products.

These improvements reduce the risk of health concern for facilities teams, NHL players and fans, and cut down on environmental pollution.

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