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Sidney Crosby answered questions from the media on Wednesday after he became one of 12,000 Canadians who will carry the Olympic Torch on its way to Vancouver for the Winter Games. contributor Erin Meagher was in Halifax: Can you talk a little bit about what it meant to you today to carry the Torch through Halifax?

Sidney Crosby: Just a really proud moment. It's a lot of fun meeting the other people who are carrying the Torch; there are a number of people of across Canada who get that opportunity and I feel proud to be one of them. It's more of a celebration to see everyone that turned out and to see how excited everyone really is for the Olympics to start. That's exciting and it wears off on everyone. Were you surprised at how many people were out in the streets, filling the streets as you were running through?

Crosby: A bit. I guess we're spoiled here with the amount of support we get, no matter what the cause. It was only a few months ago that we had the Stanley Cup parade, and I was amazed by the turnout there. So … I guess a little surprised -- but after going through that, it's easy to see how supportive people are and how proud they are. You got a great look at it here tonight. Why did you feel it necessary to carry the Torch here at home?

For one thing, it's a once­-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So really it's easy -- but looking at how everything worked out, this was all pre-planned. They already had the schedule of when the Torch was going to be here, and I got really lucky that we weren't playing on this night, that we were heading somewhere in the direction of Halifax (Note: The Penguins play at Ottawa on Thursday). It's something I really felt fortunate to be able to do, so I did not want to pass that opportunity up. And like I said, its not just about me carrying the Torch or another person -- this is a celebration of the whole country and just to be a part of that I feel so honoured. Whether I was playing hockey or whether I was someone here locally who just got the chance to do it, I think we can all say that it is a tremendous opportunity and we're proud to be able to do it. It must be pretty rare to get home in November …

Crosby: Yeah -- I'll take it. I was just saying … maybe Christmas, maybe not. To get in even a few hours feels good. I'm really happy with the way it worked out. You've had the opportunity to hold a lot of impressive pieces of hardware during your career. Where does the Olympic Torch stand?

It's right there. Growing up, I always dreamed about playing in the NHL and things like that. But when you think of the Olympics, you don't even think that would be a possibility. It never even crossed my mind, so when the opportunity came to be able to do that, it's something you're very proud of and want to take the opportunity to do.
You join Mario Lemieux as the only two NHL players who have ever carried the Olympic Torch. Have you talked to Mario about this, and what are your thoughts on this? How does it make you feel?

Yeah ... last night he actually mentioned that he carried it in Pittsburgh; he told me he still had his suit. I didn't ask to look at it, but I'm sure it's a nice one. I think it's really neat and we feel pretty lucky to have that opportunity. Does this experience make you think about what it would be like to bring a home an Olympic gold medal in addition to the Cup?

Crosby: I think it's a little easy not to think that far ahead, to be honest. It's just something where you're in the moment and you're proud to be in the moment and experience it. We all realize as Canadians there will be high expectations, but I think in this time, in this moment I just tried to really enjoy it. Even where we started at Citadel Hill there -- I work out on that hill in the summer, I went there with the Cup and there I was, starting with the Torch. It's just one of those things that you realize is a neat thing and you just want to enjoy the moment.
How was it to get a feel of the Olympic spirit? How can you imagine about what's coming up for you in the next few months?

Crosby: You look at the people out there; you see the signs, the excitement and things like that. Like I said, you never dream of carrying the Torch. For me that wasn't something that I ever thought would be a possibility, so when Bell came and said ‘Would you like to participate in this?' I said ‘Yes, it'd be great,' I was honored, I thank them for giving me the opportunity but I think it's just something that you're very proud of and you look forward to what's to come -- that's normal -- but at the same time, try to enjoy the moment.

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