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by Dan Rosen
It's a wrap
08.08.2009 / 6:51 PM ET

And we will call it a wrap. has left the Crosby compound and is headed back to the hotel. The party goes on back there and the Cup takes off tomorrow for Chicago where Chris Kunitz will pick it up.

As for Crosby, "It's time to start training for next season."

Sid, Cup shine
08.08.2009 / 5:38 PM ET

Crosby: "It does look shinier, doesnt it? It's just another thing to do with it. I will never complain about cleaning the Cup."

Changing roles
08.08.2009 / 5:31 PM ET

Yes Sid is cleaning the Cup with a hose and dish soap now.

Matt is filming this historic moment. The 2 guys from the Hall are watching and loving this.

Sid cleans up
08.08.2009 / 5:24 PM ET

We just had a one on one with Sid that I will be writing on later.

Now, though, the Hall of Fame guys are telling me that Sid wants to clean the Cup.  We'll see.

A quiet getaway
08.08.2009 / 4:15 PM ET

Sid just told me he got this place a couple of years ago and he loves the fact that its quiet and he can get away from everything when he comes out here.

In the house
08.08.2009 / 4:03 PM ET

We are here at Sid's palacial house right on a large lake. It's a beautiful home decorated even further by the Cup.

The band Great Big Sea will be playing here.

Through the gates
08.08.2009 / 3:56 PM ET

We just pulled in through a large metal gate protected by what appeared to be two uniformed security guards.The first thing we saw was a Penguins Zamboni on the grass. It was signed by Crosby.

We are now passing more security, and I assume going to his house.

Still truckin'
08.08.2009 / 3:35 PM ET

Sidney's house is way out there because we are still on the bus. I am not really sure what to expect once we get there, but I will report it at some point.

Getting together

08.08.2009 / 2:39 PM ET

We are on a bus en route to Sidney's house and various memobers of his mother's side of the family are with us. He is hotsing a private Cup party tonight.

also with us is Sid's personal trainer, who has worked with him since he was 13 years old.

A break in the action
08.08.2009 / 1:24 PM ET

Sid and his family left the Sport Hall of Fame around noon and they were headed to the family home for some quiet time. We are giving him his space as well, so we went our separate ways from him and we'll hook back up with him at his house (not his parents' house) at around 4 o'clock.
Word was that Sid was going to take the Cup to a few of his favorite spots in Cole Harbour to get some personal and private photos. I hope it stays private because every player that wins the Cup deserves some alone time with it, to enjoy it with just immediate family members and his closest friends.
Crosby, though, doesn't appear to mind the attention and the fanfare at all. In fact, last night reporter Scott Burnside and I were walking back to the Harbourfront Marriott from dinner when we saw Sid and his entourage driving around the streets of Halifax in a Harbour Hopper (a boat that drives on land and in water). Sid was standing in the vehicle, holding the Cup high above his head and showing it to everybody on the street. People were screaming and yelling and I'm told one guy even chased the Harbour Hopper at least a half mile before the vehicle stopped and Crosby showed the guy the Cup.
The Cup attracts huge crowds, but this has just been amazing, so much so that Phil Pritchard of the Hockey Hall of Fame said he has never seen anything like it. And, Pritchard is one of the Cup Keepers who has brought the Cup to countless players and been with them for their entire time celebrating with it.
I'll be off to Sid's house in a bit for a sitdown interview. He invited only a select few of us media members over for the interview, so it should be very interesting. Our intrepid videographer Matt Coe will be with me as well and will be posting a video later tonight.

Worked his way up
08.08.2009 / 10:26 AM ET

Side looks thrilled and interested as he goes through the exhibit. He commented on the case with his first trophy, "Third place, haha."

It was from 1993.

On the picture cycle
08.08.2009 / 10:14 AM ET

The Cup is on the dryer  now and Sid is takimg some pics with it. He is finally going to see his exhibit. He has been taking photos this whole time. Crazy!

In need of nap
08.08.2009 / 9:47 AM ET

Sid is still taking pic here at the Sports Hall of Fame. From here, he is heading back to his parents' house for downtime. Trust me, he needs it badly.

Great big crowd
08.08.2009 / 9:13 AM ET

So there were supposed to be 45 or so people here, but there are way more than that. Sid is still taking pics. I think everyone is going to get one with the Cup.

How it all began
08.08.2009 / 8:50 AM ET

Also on display here is the famous beat-up dryer that Sid used to shoot on as a kid. They have to get a pic of the Cup on top of the dryer for display here.

Artifacts and arrivals
08.08.2009 / 8:43 AM ET

On display here are pictures of Crosby from his youth, sticks, gloves, helmets, etc from his youth and NHL career. There's more, but he has arrived.

First up
08.08.2009 / 8:20 AM ET

Our day has begun with a small function at the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame, whic has an exclusive exhibit dedicated to Crosby. He is on his way here.


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