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NHL Awards Red Carpet blog

by Dave Lozo

More from the red carpet
06.18 7:00 p.m. ET

• This thing is going off without a hitch. I wish I was there. Shawn Roarke and Bob Condor are out there for the event, so you should check out their awards blog when you're done reading this monstrosity. Based on the comments so far, I can tell you're all enjoying this. Slow down with the comments, people. I can't respond to all of them at once!

• Man, I heart Alex Ovechkin. He's chatting up women, saying he's going to buy a house in Vegas. He said he's hung out in the pool and drank some beer with some women yesterday. And to think he hasn't even mastered the language yet. I hope he plays for 20 more years.

Pat LaFontaine looks like he could still play. Yet he's only presenting the Bill Masterton Award. Heidi throws him a compliment, yet he deflects it away and heaps praise on others. Is anyone better at that than hockey players?

• So that's it, folks. Dozens of players and coaches, not one person dressed haphazardly. Hope everyone enjoyed this. Be sure to tune into Versus (7:30) and CBC (8:30) to see who wins what at this year's NHL Awards. 

More from the red carpet
06.18 6:48 p.m. ET

•    With Jerry Bruckheimer there, Heidi and Carrie keep asking players and coaches who would play them in a movie. It keeps making me think back to a story someone on our staff did about Zach Parise, who said he'd like Denzel Washington to play him in his life story. It still cracks me up to this day. You know. Because Denzel is so much older than Zach.

•    Heidi just interviewed a beautiful blonde, but I didn't catch her name. I'm not sure what award she's up for, but I think she should win it.

•    Heidi just asked Patrick Kane who his date was. He said it's his cousin, and he was happy to bring him. So I'm guessing it's not his date. Kane strikes a pose for the camera. Seems like a funny guy. I hope him and his cousin have fun tonight.

•    I gotta say, Heidi and Carrie are doing a heck of a job here. Pat Kane one second, Jean Beliveau the next. I'd be stuttering and stammering all over myself. Ever see the Chris Farley Show bit from the old Saturday Night Lives? It'd be like that with only more sweating and falling over myself.

•    Alan Thicke! His son is performing tonight, and I just learned this, but Alan hosted the NHL Awards back in the day. Wow. Alan Thicke. That's awesome. I wonder if Michael Gross ever hosted an NHL Awards. Look it up. That's funny.

•    Carrie is interviewing Gary Bettman. He looks great. Best-dressed guy there, in my honest opinion. Terrific on camera. He even dropped a "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," line. Seriously. Just a fantastic appearance. (Crosses fingers, hopes he reads that part)

More from the red carpet
06.18.6:38 p.m. ET

•    "How was the coffee?" Heidi asks Nicklas Lidstrom before the interview starts. I love this stuff. So far no one is wearing anything weird. I'm here for the jokes, NHL players. Doesn't anyone shop where Don Cherry shops?

•    Mike Green is wearing a tux, chatting with Heidi. He's rocking a mohawk and a tuxedo. Remember that scene in "Fight Club" where the guys infiltrate that party by dressing up as the wait staff, then they grab the guy in the bathroom? He could easily be an extra in that scene. Still, first tuxedo I've seen so far.

•    Jarome Iginla is going with the skinny tie look, which is a good look. Too many of these players are married. You don't send happily married people to Vegas. I'm just saying. I want to read a story tomorrow morning about an award winner getting married at a drive-thru in the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately all these guys are too nice and too married.

•    Pat Burns looks sharp in the pink shirt and black jacket, and considering what he's been through, it's good to see him enjoying himself in Vegas. Plus he plays poker, so what's not to like about him?

•    Carrie has thrown on her 34-inch heels to interview Zdeno Chara, who must've had his suit specially made. I'm 6-foot-2 and I have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I can't imagine what it's like for Chara.

•    So Heidi says to Pat Burns that Claude Julien is following him around – Jersey, Boston, Montreal. Now she's interviewing Julien and saying Burns said Julien's following him around. I like that she's stirring it up. Unfortunately Julien is humble and knows she's joking around. Julien's wife said Tom Cruise should play Julien in a movie about his life. I can totally see it. They could be twins.


More from the red carpet
06.18.6:25 p.m. ET

•    It's funny with this being live, because you can hear people saying things like, "Are we good?" and "Come on, we're live." I can't imagine how hectic it must be to pull aside these guys that are showing up in no particular order and having questions ready for them. I work for the NHL and there are still some guys who I don't know by face only. Roberto Luongo could've been Sasha Baron Cohen for all I know. Kidding. I'm not that bad.

•    Carrie just asked Niklas Backstrom to say something in Finnish, anything in Finnish, which he did. But he refused to say what it meant. I'd say there's an 80 percent chance that we might've had our first curse of the live show. Or maybe he said, "The cheese is soft and delicious." I'm merely starting rumors.

•    Heidi and Stan Mikita. Is it just me, or Mikita aging pretty well? He's twice my age and has all of his hair. And he's in Vegas. And he's chatting up Heidi. In other words, he's living the life we all wish he had.

•    Speaking of members of the bald community, there's Mark Messier. He's going with the simple black suit, black tie look. He's giving out the Leadership Award tonight, which is named after him. I figure the NHL is mere months away from naming an award after me, although I'm not sure if anyone wants an award for most trips to the vending machine during one work day.

•    Carrie and William Fichtner, who is presenting the Vezina Trophy. Is there a better character actor than him? Anyone see the movie "Go?" If you haven't, you should. And if you're wondering why he's presenting the Vezina, he won it three times during his 15-year career. Or maybe I just made that up. Seriously, see "Go." He steals it.


More from the red carpet
06.18.6:16 p.m. ET

•    First off, let me apologize to Carrie Milbank, who is on the red carpet with Heidi. I had no idea she would be there. Not mentioning Carrie is hosting this is like forgetting to list Martin Brodeur in the Devils' starting lineup. And that just can't happen. Not on Martin Brodeur Day.

• If anyone was on before Mike Richards, I didn't see it because my Internet connection is slower than Bobby Holik coming down left wing. I can make jokes about retired guys, right? Anyway, Richards looked dapper in his…suit. Seriously, I don't know anything about fashion. Half of what I'm wearing right now was purchased at Old Navy, so really, what do I know? But Heidi dropped a Vegas Vacation joke on Richards, who is there with his family. If she had just called him Nick Papagiorgio, it would've been perfect.

• Carrie stopped to talk with Calder nominee Bobby Ryan, who swears he went through three sets of clothes before deciding on his outfit, which lacked a tie. Really, Bobby? Even I had to wear a tie at the Cup Final. Still, his outfit probably cost more than I make in a year.

• Heidi talked with Glenn Anderson, who is up for the Calder Trophy as well. Kidding. He's presenting the King Clancy Award, which is given to the player who exhibits the characteristics of someone King Clancy would like. Seriously, I'm not sure. I have to look it up. But Heidi stole his sunglasses, and I'm pretty sure she could've taken his wallet and he wouldn't have minded.

Roberto Luongo is there with a "beautiful woman" according to Heidi. When asked who it was, Luongo said it was his wife. Which is good, since he's married. We narrowly avoided our first controversy. I'm still waiting for someone to walk the red carpet in jeans and a T-shirt just so I can feel represented.

--Dave Lozo

Blogging the red carpet
06.18.4:54 p.m. ET

How many times have you said to yourself, "I love hockey. I love fashion. I love people blogging about hockey and fashion. Why isn't there a blog out there for me?"

Folks, your dream -- your weird, weird dream -- is becoming a reality.

Before the best of the best in the NHL take part in this year's awards show live from the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas (7:30 p.m. ET, VERSUS), they will be walking the red carpet exclusively on starting at 6 p.m. The lovely and delightful Heidi Androl will be there to greet the League's stars, and I'll be here to discuss it. Because really, who better to provide fashion commentary than a 31-year-old guy who still walks around in public with a backward baseball cap?

So come back for live updates during the show, where I'll try to avoid making any career-ending jokes if anyone shows up in a Sean Avery-approved shorts suit. If you want to insert your own thoughts, comment below or e-mail me at

--Dave Lozo

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