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Rangers fan makes amazing shot from center ice to win new car

After first attempt missed, second try was right on, sending crowd into frenzy

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Rangers fan wins car at MSG

Rangers fan wins new car at Madison Square Garden

A lucky Rangers fan wins a new car at Madison Square Garden after firing a puck into the net through a small hole from center ice

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One lucky New York Rangers fan didn't walk or skate off the ice on Friday. He drove.

Robert Skidmore participated in a shoot the puck challenge at Madison Square Garden during intermission of the Rangers 4-2 win against the Detroit Red Wings and rode away with an autographed stick and a new car.

Clad in a white Artemi Panarin jersey, Skidmore calmly stepped to the blue line and drilled the puck into an open net to win the autographed stick.

After netting the first goal, he was moved back to center ice, and a giant board with a small hole in the bottom was placed in front of the net.

Skidmore's first attempt was wide of the hole but still on goal. His second attempt was right down the middle.

After the goal, Skidmore hopped in the passenger side his new SUV and rode off triumphantly.

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