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Situation Room

Video Review: NJD @ NYR - 8:56 of the Second Period

Good goal New Jersey @NHLdotcom

Situation Room: NJD vs. NYR

Situation Room: Coleman's shot ruled a goal

The referees look to see if Blake Coleman's deflection crossed the goal line before the net was dislodged and rule the play a goal after review

  • 02:24 •

Type of Review: Puck Over Goal Line

Result: Original call overturned - Goal New Jersey

Explanation: Following video review, the Referees determined Jacob Trouba pushed New Jersey's Blake Coleman into the New York net, which caused the net to become displaced from its moorings prior to the puck crossing the goal line. Therefore, the Referees awarded New Jersey a goal according to Rule 63.6, which states in part, "In the event that the goal post is displaced, either deliberately or accidentally, by a defending player, prior to the puck crossing the goal line between the normal position of the goalposts, the Referee may award a goal. In order to award a goal in this situation, the goal post must have been displaced by the actions of a defending player, the attacking player must have an imminent scoring opportunity prior to the goal post being displaced, and it must be determined that the puck would have entered the net between the normal position of the goal posts."

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