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Movie, hockey fans travel far to act as extras in Don Cherry biopic @NHL

SELKIRK, Man. - Some wore old-fashioned coats and hats, some travelled hours by car or bus.

Hundreds of people converged at the hockey arena in Selkirk, Man., Sunday to act as extras in a film about hockey commentator Don Cherry.

Zacahary Cordell, who travelled nine hours by bus from Thompson, says he wants to work in the film industry and figured being an extra would be a good first step.

Susan McKelvie, a Winnipeg resident who got an old fur coat and hat from a 90-year-old friend, says she thought being in a movie would be fun.

The arena in Selkirk is doubling for rinks that Cherry played in during the 1950's and 1960's in the American Hockey League.

The four-hour television mini-series, which will air on the CBC, will also shoot in Brandon and Winnipeg.

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