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NHL Draft

Tkachuk compared to Gronkowski at NHL Draft

NBCSN analyst says Flames pick reminds him of New England Patriots tight end @NHL

Matthew Tkachuk was compared to an unlikely player during the 2016 NHL Draft ... Rob Gronkowski.

Shortly after the Calgary Flames selected Tkachuk with the No. 6 pick Friday, NBCSN analyst Craig Button broke down the American-born forward's game, which reminded him of the New England Patriots All-Pro tight end.

"That's a huge compliment, that's awesome," Tkachuk said. "If I could be that type of player in the NHL, I'd be very happy with myself."

Gronkowski was pleased too, and took to Twitter to share his approval of the comparison:

Tweet from @RobGronkowski: Dang, that's legit! Tkachuk better be decking fools now!!

Tkachuk, 18, is the son of 2011 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Keith Tkachuk, who played in the NHL from 1992-2010. The 6-foot-1 native of Scottsdale, Ariz., plays with strength and toughness, just like "Gronk."

Unfortunately, the Flames probably won't allow Tkachuk to spike any pucks after he scores.

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