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Luongo's comments not a big deal

by Marty Turco /
Veteran NHL goalie Marty Turco is lending his expert opinion to in the form of his own blog. Turco Talk will be updated daily with Marty's thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. Marty can also be seen daily on the NHL Network giving analysis on NHL On the Fly at the Stanley Cup Final.

Today, Marty offers his reaction to Roberto Luongo's comment after Game 5 that he would have been able to make the save on Maxim Lapierre because he stays deep in his crease, but Tim Thomas couldn't because he's 'wandering out and aggressive.':

BOSTON -- Roberto has been both at the top and the bottom of this series -- a shutout in a pivotal Game 5 but before that he let in 12 goals in two games in Boston to let that team back in the series. So, when he makes a comment like that, saying that it would have been an easy save for him to make, I think he is expressing his feelings outwardly just toward people in general.

He's under a lot of pressure and for him just saying it you know he's under a lot of pressure. He really wasn't thinking about it.

It was Louie saying what is on his mind and he probably didn't think that it might create a little bit of attention that he doesn't want and they don't want at this moment.

But, if you'll let me contradict myself for a moment, I would say that's the lingo he's getting from his goalie coach. That's the belief on why he's playing his position, why he's changed his position, the positive effects it has on his play to play deep. He used to play further out of the net, but he moved back this year and he's a Vezina Trophy candidate who is one win away from winning the Stanley Cup.

So, when someone asks him a question about how difficult it is to make that save when the puck springs off the end board to a guy on his backside, that's his honest answer. But, you're in the Stanley Cup Final and you would just assume that it would be preferred to not even comment on someone else's style of position, or make reference to what you would do vs. what he would do.

Then again, the reason why he said it is he feels like he has been disrespected and he wants some kudos.

And, no, I don't think he was trying to send a message to his teammates that this is how to beat Thomas. The Canucks already know that's what they have to do.

A lot of the rhetoric you're going to get from players or stuff you may hear from coaches or the GMs, that's their cliches and that's what their message is. The message in the locker room is, 'Hey, if you can't get in front and screen him, get it off to the side of the net for those bounces, and catch one off the end boards or off someone's skate, and there is going to be an open net.'

Thomas is aggressive and he plays higher out of the blue paint, so maybe you'll have more room side to side. When you hear that every day, and then you get asked about it, it's pretty easy to say something that is unassuming. But, when it's Roberto saying it, it's not very unassuming.

I personally don't think it's a big deal. I would advise against it at this time of the year, but at the end of the day it affects no one in those locker rooms or how the game is going to play. It may just affect headlines and the fervor of others.
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