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Luongo mentally strong enough to rebound

by Dan Rosen /
Veteran NHL goalie Marty Turco is lending his expert opinion to in the form of his own blog. Turco Talk will be updated daily with Marty's thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. Marty can also be seen daily on the NHL Network giving analysis on NHL On the Fly at the Stanley Cup Final.

On the eve of Game 7, Marty writes about Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo:

Roberto Luongo is in a better state of mind than people assume he is right now.

He knows of his capabilities. It's one thing to be fighting the puck, one thing to be moving the wrong way, one thing to have your body not respond the way you want it to -- but in his mind the changes necessary aren't huge. They're not even minute on a physical level. There aren't really any changes that he needs to make.

The only thing Roberto knows he needs to do is blank everything out like goaltenders do, like he has done a thousand times in his career, and go out there and give himself and his teammates the best chance of winning. He knows he has to do that and he knows how to do it.

Of course, only Roberto knows what is exactly going on in his head, if he's feeling any added pressure that has hurt his chances to focus, prepare and visualize. But, let's all remember that this is a goalie who has past experiences. Just look at the first round this year for example, and, of course, the gold-medal game back here in this exact city and arena. He has to summon those positive memories.

I think he will.

Is he going to let some goals in? I don't know. There's a good chance of it, but it isn't going to be Roberto Luongo isn't playing well, or he's lost his game or lost his mind.

His resiliency has been forthright and needed here in these playoffs, and it's going to be tested again. He knows he's going to give it all and hopefully he can make some saves to help feed the crowd some and feed his teammates some confidence to continue to win at home, where the Canucks have been so good.

This is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, something you dream of since you first start learning about the sport and about the NHL. Roberto's age and tenure in the National Hockey League will allow him to see that light.

It'll allow him to put it into perspective.

It'll allow him to do the one thing that he and his teammates and everybody that's cheering for the Canucks want him to do -- that's letting go of all things outside, positive and negative, so he can just stop the puck. As a goalie that's what you have to do.

His confidence is there. His game is there.

Roberto is a goaltender who has been under a lot of pressure and scrutiny, and the weight of the world will be lifted off his shoulders if he wins the Stanley Cup.
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